Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Music and Sound

Music is something which can affect your emotions and your brain. Sometimes, music can make someone happy, and it can calm someone down, even make them cry!

There are many types of genres, here are a few. There is Reggae, Opera, Pop, Hip hop, Rap, Jazz, 70’s, 80’s, just to name a few.

There are also different types of instruments, as you should know by now. To name some, there is the triangle, piano, violin, piccolo, flute, drum, and guitar.

They all have different effects on your brain. Music that you heard a while ago may bring back old memories! This is because of your hippocampus. The hippocampus affects your long term memory. When it’s nice, calm and relaxing, you may feel like sleeping. If music is too loud, you may want to turn it down a lot.

When music reaches a level that’s too high, it can erase some of your hearing! It happens by the ear drum vibrating really hard and these tiny hair like things (in your ear) start to lay down instead of standing up straight. Sound is not transmitted as loudly as before.

Once these hair like things are damaged, and do not ever return to their upright position, your hearing is damaged permanently. So be careful! Too high a sound and you won’t ever have to worry about turning the music down!

When you’re listening to music on a speaker, the sound forms a wave, colliding with the other air molecules which travels through your ear. Next, the sound impacts with the eardrum, that vibrates. The vibrations go to your cochlea. The cochlea then turns the vibrations into nerve signals that go to the brain. Your brain then translates it. So that’s how you hear.

So take real good care of your ears! Be sure to turn down that loud music, and I hope you learnt something new!

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  1. Looks like you really understood this topic. Well written, son. Love Mum