Monday, May 26, 2014

Science roadshow

The science roadshow was amazing. Our class went on Friday with Class 5. There were many experiments, one which I was involved in. I found it great. My favourite one was the final experiment.

They got out a balloon full of hydrogen. They then lit a candle which was placed on a metal pole. But before they set it alight, they warned us to cover our ears. We all did so. They lit the tube connected to the balloon.

KA-BAM! The balloon blew up with a small explosion. Everyone was amazed. We started cheering. Then one of the scientists spoke up. “That was just a practice for the big one! Cover your ears once more and brace yourself!” She shouted.

They pulled out a 100% oxygen balloon. They set the tube alight. I was thinking of not covering my ears. The last bang wasn’t too big. “On the other hand,” I thought. I quickly covered my ears.

Good thing I did. KA-BLAMMO!! The explosion covered the bursting balloon while letting a shockwave out. It knocked people over. My ears were ringing. “W-wow...” I stuttered. The balloon was in smithereens. My ribs tingled.

Unfortunatly that was the last act for us. We had to go. I look forward to any other science roadshows!

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