Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Death Cases Pt 2: Jazzy!

“Hey, look!” shouted Emma. “There’s another case! It says that there is human life on this remote island!” “And?” replied Michael. “We’re going there!” answered Emma. “Oh, joy.” said Michael.

The Death Cases

Case 2: Jazz Island

Michael and Emma sailed to Jazz island. It was pretty big. “There better not be any tornados.” grumbled Michael. “Oh, come on, what could possibly go wrong?” said Emma.

SMAKY! Michael and Emma both face planted into the Jazz island soil. “How did the ship blow up?” asked Emma. “You jinxed us.” replied Michael.

Michael and Emma walked, until they found a house. One wall was on the ground, underneath a U.F.O. “What the,” said Michael, “This house is worse than what I’ve seen on TV!”

Emma was already investigating the scene. There was a hand sticking out. It was square. “Heeyy,” shouted Michael, “It’s Steve! From Minecraft!” Emma rolled her eyes, and carried on investigating. The hand suddenly got zapped, and sucked into Michael’s I5 (I skull 5). He was on Minecraft.

“HALT!! WHO GOES THERE!!??” shouted a voice. There was a cop approaching them. “MICHAEL JONES!!” shouted Michael, grasping his sheriff badge. Emma stared at Michael, and folded her arms as tight as she could. “Oh yeah, and Jane. I...I mean Emma Jane.”

The man stared for a while, then spoke again. “Name’s Miko. Natural habitat’s security guard.” “Sssssssoooooooo, Miko,” scoffed Emma, “care to help us with this case?” “Sorry,” Miko replied. “I’m still investigating this giant zombie on the other side of the hill.”

WHAT?!” shouted Michael.  “Can’t be serious.” “Serious.” sarcastically replied Miko. There was an orangy-green light which zapped the zombie, and pulled it into the phone.

“Nice going, Sherlock Jones.” Miko angrily teased. “Hah! Sherlock Jones! The defective detective!” also teased Emma. “RRRRRGGGGG.....” grumbled Michael.

DRRIING!! Miko’s phone rung. It rung very loud. His ringtone was nyan cat on full volume. Rainbows flew out and pushed up Miko’s head. Michael and Emma flew away a few meters. NYANYANYANYA... the phone rang.

Miko was just able to answer the phone. “WHERE WERE YOU!?” shouted a voice from the phone. “Look, Nitro,” said Miko, “It disappeared. I know that Mike will fire us, but who cares.” He hung up.

“Aha!” yelled Emma. “I found the murderer. He was killed by the zombie.” “And the zombie was killed by....” questioned Michael. “I found some tools used to kill it. The tools were made by a man named Lee. And that body was inside the house.” Emma answered.

“So a double kill?” asked Miko. “Yep.” replied Emma. “LIES!! ALL LIES!!” shouted a voice. Emma and Miko turned around. “Nitro.” mumbled Miko. “Is he explosive?” asked Michael. “No...” replied Miko. Nitro had one strand of hair sticking up. The rest was bald. He was really musclely. You couldn’t look at one part of him without seeing a muscle.

cartoonlover98Emma was most delighted. “Hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba” she said repeatedly for most of the evening. Michael, Nitro and Miko started talking with ‘hubba hubba hubba’ in the background.

“It was this boy named Iisa who killed that giant zombie. Very recently, too.” told Nitro. “That man was Herobrine. He broke most of bones by a wall falling on him. Then his neck was cut by that leg of that U.F.O.”

“Ya know,” said Michael, “I never noticed that.” “Me neither.” added Miko. “M-me t-too.” bubbled Emma. “I’d like to be in there with N-Nitro.” “Crushes, aye?” teased Michael. Nitro was scared. He was hysterical. “AARRGGG!!!! NO!!” Nitro shouted, punching Emma in mid-air. He was going slow motion.

“How do they do this?” asked Miko. “Maybe this is a movie?” replied Michael. “No murderer.” said Miko. “No-one to arrest.” A week later, Emma had healed, and Miko and Nitro joined the two.

One day, Emma and Nitro were very happy. Miko and Michael walked in. “They getting married or something?” asked Miko.

“Hey, look!” shouted Emma. “There’s another case! It says that there is a murdered person in the cement mixer!” “And?” replied Miko. “We’re going there!” answered Nitro. “Oh, joy.” said Michael.

So they went there. There was the man in the cement. SHOVE! Someone pushed Nitro into the cement. He was stuck. “HALP!” he cried. The cement mixer drove towards Emma. Michael jumped in front. Both of them were hit.

Miko went to attack from behind. The mixer drove backwards, and Miko was stuck spinning in wet cement.


Miko and Nitro try to get out of their sticky situation, while Michael and Emma try to regain consciousness. Another person joins them, but is he friend or foe?

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