Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dying: A six page long conclusion of the Death Cases

 Crippled from the blade, Miko crawled across the floor. He spluttered up blood. Nitro turned around, frustrated from dying at lvl 999 on Flappy Bird. “Woah! What happened to you!?” He shouted, dropping his iCat 3.

 He looked further down the path. There was Minato. He was getting up, coughing blood out. The impact wasn’t enough. Nitro looked back at Miko. Miko opened his mouth. “I... have one l..last thing ask y-you...”

 Minato got up. “Not deep enough, heh heh!” he giggled in his silly way. He walked into the nearest house. SLICE! SCREAM! CUT! Minato killed the residents. He begun healing himself with the family’s first aid kid.

 Nitro agreed to Miko. “I’ll try.” he said. Miko smiled. “Okay... Thanks...” Miko replied. His face went lifeless. Miko died with a smile. “Just you watch!” Nitro thought.

 Minato got out the house. He inspected Nitro. “I best retreat for now. You have the upper hand.” “No you don’t.” said Nitro as he charged at Minato. He grabbed something from Miko’s pocket, and resumed the chase.

 They ran into the house Minato was recently in, and the chase went through the doors. “Stay in one spot!” Nitro shouted. Minato ran into one door, and Nitro ran into the one next to it. Minato ran out and sealed the door shut.

 “Ha ha!” he chuckled. Nitro was stuck. In the bathroom. In there was a shower, a toilet, and a sink. Minato laughed as he ran away. “I’ll get Emma first!” he shouted. “Rrrrr...” grumbled Nitro.

 Minato had blood bleeding from his eye. He broke into a Jeep that was on the side of the road. He drove towards the sunset, laughing like a psycho. “I’ll get the title back!” he laughed.

 Emma was driving and talking with Michael. (In case you don’t know Michael was next to Emma.) “Nice go Michael! If you didn’t have to use the lavatory, imagine the results!” Michael frowned. “Miko’s dead because we won.”

 “What!?” replied the astonished Emma. “Nitro just texted me.” said Michael. Tears started to slowly drip out from Emma’s eyes. “Miscalculation.” replied Michael.

 Poof! The tyres on the car popped. “What!?” said Emma. They got out. Michael looked up. There was Minato. “Ready to die?” he asked. Michael pulled out his handgun. He aimed, and pulled the trigger. Minato jumped off the roof.

 “I’ll deal with you later.” said Minato. He chucked rolls of paper with glue at the end at Michael. It wrapped around him. Michael was stuck in something like a cocoon. “I’m not a butterfly!” Michael shouted. Minato stuck a bit of paper to the top of the cocoon, and stuck the other side underneath an overhanging gutter.

 “You’re next Emma. Emma took a step back. Minato had pasted glue on the ground, and she walked right into it. “I’m an idiot.” she groaned, facepalming.

 Minato threw his sword at Emma. “I think I forgot my wallet at home.” she groaned. The sword got closer. “Oh, there it is!” said Emma, ducking out of the swords way.

 “What! What is this!?” shouted Minato. He pulled out his other sword and charged at Emma. “DIE!!” he shouted. “Not today!” said a voice. Nitro landed in front of Emma. He had a phone in each hand. One phone dialed the other. KA NYA-NYA! Rainbows spurted out of the phone and hit Minato.

 As Minato flew away, Nitro smiled. “Thanks Miko.” he said. “Thanks.” replied Emma. “You smell like toilet water! What’ve you been doing?!” “The toilet saved me.” replied Nitro.

 Miko’s phone died. “Now what?” asked Emma. “Wait and see.” answered Nitro. He sang the Nyan cat song. “Nyanyanyanyanya...” Nitro said repeatedly. He ran at Minato. “IT’S SO ANNOYING!!!” Minato shrieked in horror.

 Nitro threw the phones at Minato. It hit Minato’s head so hard that he fell over. But he got up and ran at Emma. He threw multiple blades at Emma. “No...!” grunted Nitro. He kicked Minato and ran to Emma.

 STAB! SLICE! Nitro stood in front of Emma, with blades stabbing him. He just managed to save Emma. “D...defeat him... for me and Miko...” puffed Nitro. “You mean Miko and I, right?” replied Emma. “Anyway, why do that?! You could’ve finished him off!”

“I made a promise to Miko before he died...” Nitro puffed. “The promise was to protect you. I said I’d risk my life for that since he did that for me...” “So you both have a crush on me?” asked Emma. Nitro rolled his eyes. “I can finally join him now...Just defeat him for Miko and I. I believe you can.” Nitro smiled.

 Nitro fell on the ground, lifeless but smiling. Emma looked at him. He did risk his life like he said. Emma felt her rage flowing through her. “No-one... no-one ever kills my friends and gets away with it!”

 She did a power up, almost like Goku going Super saiyan. Michael managed to tear holes in the toilet paper so he could see. “Go Emma!” he said in amazement as he saw Emma charge at Minato.

 Emma was striking numerous blows on Minato in only a few seconds. “In case you don’t know, I take taekwon-do lessons!” she shouted, injuring Minato. “H-how?” thought Minato. No-one had ever reached this level of power before.

 “You should also be glad you never stole my food!” Emma shouted. Michael got scared. He ate Emma’s pack of croutons. “Hoo boy.” he groaned. Emma shouted, and made her last hit. It was a kick straight to Minato’s chest.

 “AAAARRGGHHH!!!” Minato shouted, spewing blood out. For every bone broken in Minato, one would split in Emma. Soon her heart couldn’t handle anymore. There was a massive explosion. “What happened?” asked Michael.

 Minato and Emma both lay on the ground. Emma was almost dead. Same with Minato. Minato sat up. “Ahaha.... ALMOST KILLED ME, YOU LUNATIC!” he chuckled. “You were the strongest opponent I ever faced. So, I shall kill you myself!”

 Minato threw his last pocket knife at Emma. She was going to die. Grab! Michael grabbed the knife. “Don’t do that.” he said confidently. “You’ve changed.” replied Minato. “Yeah, I feel that I can change everything!” said Michael.

 He was in a glowing yellow jacket, made from his own energy. Minato was impressed. At the moment Michael was stronger than Emma. Much, much, stronger. He chucked the knife in the air. “Let’s go.” Michael said, charging at Minato.

 Minato jumped up, ready to counterattack. SMAK! Out of nowhere, Michael hit Minato from behind. He started doing the same moves as Emma. The only difference was that Michael’s attacks were more powerful.

 “I was the caterpillar in the cocoon that has blossomed into a butterfly!” Michael was actually sending all his rage out. But he was in control. He wasn’t like Emma who put her life on the line making wrong moves. He knew exactly what to do.

 Minato was having trouble defending himself. He’d block forwards, and get struck from behind. At one point he did the same thing, but kicked backwards. SMAK! He got a blow on Michael. Michael’s heart was straining.

 “Ugh..” groaned Michael as he clutched his heart. He had to finish the fight. Now. The problem was that Minato had adapted to Michael’s moves. “Behind you.” said Michael. He ran at Minato.

 “It’s useless.” replied Minato. “LOOK OUT!!” Shouted Michael. He pulled out his gun. Blam blam! He shot 5 bullets. “USELESS!” shouted Minato, dodging. But Michael’s real target was the tornado.

 A can of Jonses paint flung out of the pull of the tornado. “Not that one...” Michael groaned. The can hit Minato. “NOW!” thought Michael, charging at Minato. His kick didn’t hit. It was getting pulled away. By the tornado.

 Michael heart got worse. “One last attack...” he puffed. He weaved a hand sign. The tornado could not pull him anymore. He resisted it. A giant energy-made tiger launched out from him. “Death Tiger, go...” thought Michael.

 The tiger went straight to Minato. It was so strong that the tornado dissipated. “W-what!?” stuttered Minato. The evening sun disappeared. It was all of a sudden night. “HYAH!” shouted Minato, as he jumped towards the tiger.

 SMAK! Minato kicked the tiger. “I win...” he thought. KABAMMO!! Michael kicked Minato right in the back. “What...?” thought Minato as he hit the ground. The pocket knife landed next to him. It had a teleportation symbol on it. Michael’s energy jacket disappeared.

 “Teleportation..” thought Minato. “Very, good.” he puffed. “Thanks.” replied Michael. “You’re my strongest opponent ever. Better than Emma.” puffed Minato. “But...” smirked Minato. STAB! Michael was stabbed from behind. “I have the upper hand.”

 “Aaah, I see.” said Michael. “When I hit you you threw your sword in the air. You are good.” Splutter! Michael threw up blood. Determined to stay alive, Michael fell on the ground. “No... not now...” he thought.

 Minato felt the same. He couldn’t get up either. “Why do you go so far for a title?” asked Michael. “You don’t understand. My ancestors founded the cup. My family has to win.” replied Minato. “We won fair and square.” replied Michael, as he got up.

 “Sorry,” said Michael, who was standing up. “I have to use the lavatory.” “At this time?” replied Minato. “The toilet always drives me beyond my limits!” chuckled Michael. “Let’s get that trophy.”

 Minato jumped up. He did a massive power-up. “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!” “Uh oh...” replied Michael in shock. “This is bad.” The ground started to crumble. The air started twisting. “NOT AT ALL!” He charged at Michael.

 Michael channeled all his rage into energy again. SMAK! KICKY! FIGHT! It was an equal fight. Michael’s rage slowly ran out, all because of his heart. Michael was knocked to the ground. “You’re finished!” shouted Minato. “Guillotine drop!” shouted Minato. Clink!

 “Not so fast.” puffed Michael. He had handcuffed Minato. “My best opponent ever.” they both said synchronously. “Bye.” said Michael. STAB!! He pierced Minato with the sword.

 Minato fell to ground. “I won’t forget you.” said Michael as he fell on the ground. People who were in the houses around the street got out on the road. A man went to Minato. “He’s dead.” he said.

 He walked over to Michael. He was shocked. “His heart’s slightly beating! He’s not dead!” They called the ambulance, which took Michael away. Michael recovered soon after.

 “A close shave.” said the nurse. “Everyone thought you were dead.” “Woah.” replied Michael. “Say, where’s Emma? Last time I saw her, she was still alive.” “You see...” replied the nurse.

 “DEAD!?” shouted Michael. “Yes.” answered the nurse. “Emma had 9 minutes ‘till death, and your battle took 10.” “E-Emma...” sobbed Michael, who had tears going out like a shallow river.

 The next day Michael went to Emma, Nitro and Miko’s funeral. It poured like a waterfall. Michael couldn’t erase the guilt that he felt. “Me and my toilet problems...” he thought.

 Later, he resigned from his job. Feeling free but sad, he sat on a bench, viewing the sunset. The clouds were completely out of sight. “I underestimated you all. I acted superior.” Michael thought.

 He picked up a rock. He skimmed the rock, which bounced once, before sinking into the depths of the deep blue sea. The sun was almost gone.

 He closed his eyes. “But, I’ll never forget you guys. You were truly amazing.”


  1. Wow that is truly amazing Iisa! So that's what you have been up to in your spare time. I have never come across a student who is so passionate about writing until now. I am really proud of you! Wow!

  2. Iisa it is always a pleasure to visit your blog and to follow your writing. I love the way you write serials and your graphics are a treat. Well done again.

    Mrs Burt