Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Late Again Pt 1: Cabin in the dark

 Jake was waiting angrily at the door. Niko was late. “Late again.” Jake said angrily. “I have an excuse.” Niko replied. “No excuse counts. Soon you’ll have to drop out from school!” Jake finished.

 Niko was indeed late. He arrived at 10:38 a.m. The teacher was cross, and decided that something must be done! “Niko,” he growled, “Jake will sleep at your house tonight.”

 “REALLY!?” the two shouted in synchronise. “He might poison me with his bad gaming skills...” gulped Jake. The 3 o'clock bell rung. Everyone ran to their house to play games. Jake walked grumpily behind Niko, texting.

 “Be careful here.” said Niko. They entered a dark forest. “Jeez, where do you live?!” asked Jake. “Here.” said Niko. There was a cabin. “A cabin in the woods...” remarked Jake. “At night monsters crowd around the house ready to kill.”

There weren't any trees around or near the house. The sky stayed dark even when the sun was above it.

 Jake ran in the house. Niko followed and closed the door. “Only when I kill a monster I can get to school.” groaned Niko. “Let’s go out at night.” Jake smirked. “NIGHT!?” shouted Niko. “You’re joking.”

 After 6 hours of Minecrafting, the two set out. First, some zombies walked out from the darkness, followed by skeletons. Jake pulled out his flamethrower and flared everywhere. The zombied smiled and started waving his head.

 “AAAUUUGGHH!!! AAAUUUGGHH!!!” Jake screamed. Niko jumped in and started cutting the heads. A zombie which escaped the fire placed his hands on the ground. The rotten strangler figs wrapped themselves around Niko and Jake’s feet.

 It pulled them into the leaves on the ground. “Apparition! HALP!” shouted Jake. “Ditto!” replied Niko. They were getting pulled lower and lower. “Couldn’t you move house?!” shouted Jake.

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