Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Late Again Pt 2: The On-Fire Record Holder

“Couldn’t you move house?!” shouted Jake.  

“Too lazy.” replied Niko. The two sunk into the ground, and fell into the sewer. Splash! Jake, exhausted, accidentally drunk the water. “Urp..” he thought. He fell over backwards.

RRRRUUUNNN.png  “C’mon.” said Niko, as he started running. “Too lazy...” puffed Jake. “Suit yourself!” chuckled Niko. The zombie which was still on fire landed in front of Jake, smiling and waving his head.

 “AAAAA!!!” screamed Jake. he jumped up and ran. Blocks went up blocking his path, but he’d run past them on the side, top, and bottom of the sewer. He ran so fast fast that he started igniting.

 FWOOM! He was on fire. His hat flew off. “T-this guy is o-on fire! S-someone get the extinguisher!” he pleaded. “Too lazy!” laughed Niko. “Just run in the water!” Jake ran to the water, but he ran on top of it instead.

 “Just stop!” shouted Niko. Jake did, but his face smacked the water. He slid across the water, until an intersection came up. KABAMMO!! Jake was there, confused. “Mommy, I think my train took a dive in the piano...” “You idiot.” replied Niko as he rushed to Jake’s side.

 The skeletons ran at the two of them. “Don’t worry!” said Niko heroically as he pulled out a dictionary. He searched through the dictionary. “Ahh!” he said.

 He started to read. “Mine. It is a pronoun which is the form of the possessive case of or used as a predicate adjective: The yellow sweater is mine. Number 2. Something that belongs to me: Mine is the red car. “

 Everyone fell asleep. The skeletons fell on the ground, sleeping. “Zzzzzzzzzz” snored Jake. “Oh, the nerve! Oh, what cheek!” grunted Niko. His took Jake’s flamethrower and burnt the skeletons.

 The skeletons were gone. But in the distance was an ablaze zombie. It was waving it’s head and smiling. The sewer walls fell on it. “Yay...” puffed Jake. The walls didn’t stop collapsing. “GET UP JAKE!!” shouted Niko.

 “Run... I’ll join ya later...” replied Jake. Niko ran down one track. Jake got up and ran down the other. They were split up. “Phew, Niko’s fast!” puffed the tired Jake. Niko was wondering when Jake would show up.

 The debris was catching up to them. Jake fell over. His shoe was trapped. Niko was trapped by some bars up ahead. They were both stuck. In desperation, Niko kept running. Jake gave up. He looked forwards. There was a cockroach.

urp.png  Jake gasped. “AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” screamed Jake as he ran miles through the tunnel. He ran 100 meters in 2.38 seconds. Niko ran sideways. He slipped right through. “Ha ha!” he chuckled.

 Jake ran one way on an intersection. The intersection lead straight towards Niko! Niko saw light at the end. Had he done it? Stars glittered in his eyes. Rainbows were behind him.
 But as he got closer he saw that it wasn’t the end. It was a record-breaker flare, heading straight for him...

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