Friday, June 6, 2014

Smart Footprint

A smart footprint is what you do on the internet. If you do good things, then you’ll have a good/smart footprint. Do dodgy and wrong things and your digital footprint will ugly.

Whenever you go on or leave a site, people can see what you did, when you did it, they could even copy it. And if you were signed in, they can use your email address for spamming!

To leave a smart footprint you have to be cybersmart, and leave positive things behind. Do lots of smart thinking and you’ll have a nice, smart footprint.

Ask yourself: Do you know the age restrictions of the sites you use all the time? These sites do not have age restrictions in order to upset you! They do it to protect under age people from seeing content that might be too adult for them.

Think before you post. Could your video or photographs put you in a dangerous situation? When posting videos or photographs of yourself or a friend, think about the consequences. Once a video or photo is online, you never know who might see it. If it is copied or reposted, you might not be able to remove every copy.

So think before you post, and leave a smart footprint!

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