Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stickmen: Through the years

I have been working on comics involving stickmen. I posted a previous post if you’d like to see it. I have come to my 20th comic. So I’ve decided to make a blogpost about it!

I started early last year. It was something just to keep me occupied, as it was only a one-panel picture. In fear of getting sued by using “Stickmen 1” or “Stickmen 2”, I made Stickmen 3. Later I made Stickmen 4. When Stickmen 5 was released(only took a minute!), I decided to make Stickmen 1 & 2.

I soon reached Stickmen 13. It was originally going to a one-panel picture of a man eating a hotdog without forks, but to add some extra stuff, I made him get wanted by the police.

He went clone himself(volume 14), and let the clone get arrested. But the clone escaped. Bent on revenge, he managed to control the original(in volume 15). If it weren’t for the pole, he would have died.

The original(Miko), teamed up with the police to catch the clone. In the end, they succeeded. Miko had made up a move called the Kamehameha (Ka-mey-ha-mey-ha), and a dying cop gave his hat; a souvenir from the battle. That was Stickmen 16. I decided that was the last comic.

Later, struck by boredom again, I made an extra. It was called Stickmen: Humanity Strikes! I never finished it, and it only had the clash of Miko and the human leader. I removed faces from the stickmen, otherwise you’d think that the humans won.

After the christmas holidays finished, I decided to make comics again. And there, there was Stickmen 17: Next Generation. That was when Miko had a student, Darfol. The 2 fought Stickzilla. Miko gave Darfol his hat, which he replaced with a green bobble hat! Miko severely injured Darfol, teaching him a lesson.

After 3 weeks had passed, I commenced on Stickmen 18: New attack. Miko and Darfol make 2 new moves. On a trip for the sake of it, Miko and Darfol encounter a dragon. The dragon instantly goes into fight, setting Miko on fire and eating Darfol! With the help of a helicopter, Miko was able to finish off the dragon.

Miko was crushed by one half of the dragon when he saved Darfol. Next day, Miko had a broken arm, a broken leg, and straps around his head. The two had a Rasengan (Rushing-gun) clash, which ended Stickmen 18.

I soon started working on Stickmen 19: Framed. I decided to re-add the faces cause, well, they’re better with expression. While I worked on it, I managed to plan out the next two stories: 20: Cuteness Overload, and 21: Here, Slendy!

When I started writing No. 19, I had chicken for dinner. So I added KFC in the story. A character in the story is named Emeta. She was based on the year 8 girls in my class which I dislike.

Before I made No. 19, I made a Mother’s day special, for my mom. But it was on my parents anniversary, so I made an extra special one, just for them. Once I finished 19, I made a character profile page with some of the different books in it. I’m also putting 17, 18, 19, and 20-25 in a collection when they’re done.

Once again, I plan to finish on #25. So stay tuned, until then, bye!

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