Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tech Last Term

 Last term in Tech, all the year 7’s were in hard materials. All the year 7’s in classes 2 and 4. The teacher was Mr Grundy. He first told us the rules and regulations.

Next we were told all the stages that was compulsory to get a good mark. The stages were that everyone had to fill out the first bit of the worksheet on our netbooks.  

 Next was that we had to find a silhouette that would be our model. Once we were done with that, the shape we chose would get printed on a sheet of paper. Then we had to trace it onto a piece of MDF, which is wood.

 Once it was traced, we had to cut it out on a electric saw. the inside we didn’t need anymore, but the outside then has to get covered with even thicker wood on both sides. That was when Mr Grundy would melt some pewter and pour it into the casting we made.

 Once it cooled down we took out the pewter, which was in the shape we made. That was when we commenced in the filing, so that we could get the casting at an even better shape. And when the filing is completed, we move onto sanding.

 The different stages of sanding that we must go through are the 180, 400, 800, 1200, and 1200 with water. After that is when Mr Grundy attaches it to some string. Once that’s completed, then we’re done! Making the box isn’t necessary, so don’t sweat if you can’t do that.

 We could’ve used other metals such as gold or lead, but the real problems are the costs, and melting temperatures. Gold melts at 1,600 degrees celsius, which the pan couldn’t reach.

 Lead is poisonous, which isn’t good for the recipient. And gold is really expensive, which means everyone also had to pay a few pounds of money.

 Tech last term was pretty good overall. Most people got their work finished, a few got to make their boxes, and nearly everyone stayed on task the entire time. And everyone had a good time.

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  1. Hi Iisa

    Thanks for sharing your experience at Tamaki Tech. I really appreciate the level of detail and effort that you have put into this piece of writing. Excellent! Now I have a detailed understanding of what our students got up to in hard materials. Well done!