Friday, June 6, 2014

The Death Cases: Final Mission?

“How could this happen to meeee!” shouted Miko. It seemed like nothing could stop this psycho cement mixer driver. “MIKO!” shouted Nitro.


CASE 3: Too many rainbows!

“What!?” replied Miko, still spinning in the wet cement. “Face your phone down the hole!” Miko quickly pulled out his phone, and aimed. Nitro dialed Miko’s number, and KA-NYANYA! The truck blew up, and Miko left a rainbow trail from where he flew.nyan!.png

“Hurrah!” Miko shouted triumphantly. “Wait... why is it getting harder to breathe?” he thought. Miko was making space-travel. Nitro hung up. The rainbow stopped and started fading. “Ulp...” gasped Miko. Nitro got out of the cement and helped Emma and Michael up.

Someone phone me!!” The 3 heard. “Whawasthat?” Nitro asked quickly. “Someone phone me!” they heard again. Nitro looked up. There was Miko, falling. Nitro quickly pulled out his phone and dialed. NYANYA! Rainbows spurted out and hit Michael, who just got up.

“GAH! Too many rainbows!” shouted Michael. Miko turned of his phone, and landed on Michael. “The day was going so horribly, too.” groaned Michael. “Who’s the psycho?” asked Emma. A dead body fell on Miko. “AAARRRGGGHHH!” he shouted. “Karma strikes again!” cheered Michael.

Emma examined the body. “This... is... someone I don’t know!” She shouted. “That’s Mike.” replied Miko. “But, why is he here?” The cement mixer fell on Mike, landing a few inches away from Miko.

“What about that! My luck’s returned!” cheered Miko. “w..hhatt....?” stuttered Michael. Mike’s hand moved. “” he whispered. Everyone, in shock with their eyes opened like saucers, moved back a bit.

“Someone forced me to kill you... it was a hostage situation..” Mike puffed. Emma checked Mike’s phone. “It came from Flambo stadium.” she concluded. “Let’s go!” Nitro shouted, jumping in mid-air with his fist up.

“My, how do they do it?” asked Miko. “Help...” said Nitro stuck in the air. Michael and Emma pulled him down. The 4 scrambled into Emma’s mini. “You need a bigger car.” complained Nitro.

Emma raced to the stadium. “This person is an athlete. He came 2nd after Mike. That might be the reason! If we compete and win, we can stop him!” “His name is?” asked Miko. “Minato.” replied Emma. “Someone’s gotta use the potty...” whispered Michael.

A drawbridge was up ahead. It was lifting up for a boat to go underneath. “We’re gonna die! Stop!” screamed Miko. “Don’t worry,” said Emma, “I saw this in a movie!” VROOM!! The mini rode on the ramp-like bridge, and went sailing in the air.

“Seriously, how do they do it?” asked Miko. The crash-landed in a free parking lot outside the stadium. “Guess who’s got more luck!” cheered Emma. They raced in, and onto the track. It was time for the relay race. Miraculously, one team was absent, so they got to fill in.

Emma was up first. She raced across the track. “Out the way, idiot!” shouted a woman next to her. “Shut up! Mrs pig!” Emma shouted back. They were so determined to go faster than the other, that they went even faster.

“Hurry up Emma..” pleaded Michael. Emma did a good hand-off with Miko. The same with Miko and Nitro. They did a perfect hand-off. “Dammit! That idiot’s too slow!” screeched Michael. Michael started running. Accidentally, Nitro stabbed Michael in the back.

“aaaahhh... N-Nitro...” wheezed Michael, who fell over. “I’m gonna die.” he thought. Michael got up. “I could win this and run to the toilet!” Michael started running. “TTTTOOOIIILLLLEEETTT!!!!” He screamed as he outran everyone.

“What’s with him?” thought Nitro. “He’s on steroids.” But Michael was on motivation. Minato was almost at the end. “I’m the winner.” he thought, blowing kisses to the crowd. ZOOM!!! Michael rushed past coming 1st, and headed to the toilets. But Nitro stopped him. “We still have the awards ceremony.” Michael frowned.

A few minutes later, Minato went to kill the four. “I’ll kill them all...” he grumbled. Miko was hiding behind a chimney. Miko looked to the side. There was Nitro, playing Flappy Bird on his Ilaugh 5😸. Miko looked back. Nitro had a diamond sword in his right hand.

Miko was sweating. “Should I save him and die, or leave him and live?” A tile on the roof slipped. Miko ran down, and jumped. He landed in front of Minato. “Run Nitro,” Miko thought. He fought Minato.

Unfortunately Minato had the upper hand with the sword. He stabbed Miko. In desperation, Miko blew some glitter from the ceremony that was on his hand into Minato’s face.

“AAAAA!!! WHY! WHY THE EYES! YOU ARE SOO CRUEL!” He shouted. Miko pushed the sword through further, and put that bit into Minato’s stomach. Minato fell. “Ugh...” Miko groaned as he crawled to Nitro.

“I can’t die.” He thought. “I just can’t...”

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