Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back to the present Part 2: Future fishing!

“Ugh!” I groaned, hearing the wailing of the cop cars.

Back to the present.

Part 2: Future fishing!

I grabbed the others by their hands and jumped down the long fall. “We’ll be safe!” I shouted. I soon saw the distance. The bottom was out of sight. “I’ve made a terrible mistake.” I whispered.

I looked at the others. Jordan & Vaifoa were dipping some hot chips in each other and eating them. I shriveled in disgust.

I looked down. The end was still nowhere in sight. “How do these people breathe?” I thought. I looked up. There was a falling cow. Jordan and Vaifoa looked up too. “Some future.” Jordan complained.

I had an idea. I told Jordan and Vaifoa. “NOW!” I shouted. We all went into streamline mode. We shot through the air. HOOK! Vaifoa was hooked by a fishing rod and pulled up.

Before anyone else said anything, Jordan and I landed in the car. BAM! Lightning struck the rod. Jordan and I were in space-time. I hit the pedal, no seat belt tying or anything. We only had ten seconds to escape.

We were in March 29, 1964. The march morning was cold, and a biting wind whipped the dark clouds across the sky. Rain fell steadily, like it must’ve for weeks past, filling ditches and puddles.

“I know what happened today!” shouted Jordan. “Uhh... Radio Caroline becomes the United Kingdom's first pirate radio station!” I jumped out. The car landed in a deep ditch. Jordan jumped out.

“Now what?” asked Jordan grumpily. I looked to my right. There was a train. It was an E2. Sorta like Thomas The Tank Engine. I climbed on. As Jordan climbed on, I started the train.

Surprisingly, it had everything it needed to start. “How does this thing work?” I asked no-one in particular. The train started moving. Fast. It had trucks coupled behind.

“Runaway!” Jordan cheered. The train sped onto a tram line. “Please be old and abandoned... Please be old and abandoned...” I groaned. NOPE! It was a tram line that connected to the main line. “Jeez...” I groaned.

The trucks were filled to the brim with coal. I looked around. There was no-one to be seen. I looked at Jordan’s watch. It said 8:24 a.m, but the sun was just partially over the horizon, gleaming as much as it could.

It had to be around 5:38 a.m. But then I remembered. It was around 8:24 when we travelled. I searched the controls for a brake and reverse. I soon found the brake as we slid past a junction.

I soon found the reverse too. “Nice sunrise.” complimented Jordan. As we went backwards, I noticed something was wrong. I looked outside. We went the wrong way on the junction.

It was most likely a switch malfunction. I hastily searched for the forwards switch. I found it and instantly applied it. But most of the trucks were down the hill, dragging the train down.

No matter what the train did, it slipped down. I looked back. It lead to a dodgy looking bridge that was over a big river. Jordan went to uncouple the trucks. He didn’t know how to without losing a hand.

I was freaking out. The hill was steep. If I jumped off, I’d roll into the lake. I looked at the trucks. At the end was a brakevan.

I told Jordan. “You go.” Jordan growled. So I did. I climbed onto the truck. I bravely walked over, truck to truck, shivering. I was at halfway when...

SNAP!! The coupling rod broke, sending the other trucks running away. The train sped up immediately. I fell off. Luckily, I just managed to grab ahold of the chain.

I looked back. Instead of the bridge collapsing into pieces, the trucks sped over the bridge, stopped at the hill on the other side, and started rolling back.

I was trying to get up. Scraping against sleepers and gravel was painful. The trucks were coming up faster than the train. Bam! The buffers from the trucks save me.

I hastily coupled the trucks with the chain I held onto. The trucks pushed the train over the hill. “How d’ya reverse?” asked Jordan. “Uh oh.” I groaned.

The train slowly slowed down. That allowed me to climb to the side. I didn’t let go of the things I held until I was on top of the truck.

The train went on the other hill. It raced down. The train was going fast; there was going to be a derailment. I ran above the trucks to the brakevan. I got in.

Pulling the brake hard, the train slowed down. I clenched my teeth. I then ran back to Jordan. The train went so fast, that sparks from the brakevan set it on fire!

“Why didn’t the bridge collapse?” I asked myself.

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