Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Game On! Immersion Assembly

Once again, Class 2 walked to the hall for immersion assembly. It was July the 21, of 2014. We were starting Term 3. After walking in, I knew immediately what the inquiry was. The subject for the term was ‘Game On.’

We seated ourselves in the first 2 rows. The prefects started playing some music, while the other classes came in. Soon the classes were in. Mrs Tito was cycling fast on her bike. Then, Mr Jacobsen cycled in on his bike. Mr Burt had not returned from his trip. So Mr Jacobsen had to take over. He introduced us to the new term. He reminded us about a special upcoming event. The Commonwealth Games.

Next, of course, was the movies from each team. First up was Team 1. Their movie was, ‘What makes a champion?’ It showed some of the competing teams, and then some footage from what I think was the 2012 Olympics. And then, a message from the Queen! It wasn’t the real Queen, it was Mrs George dressed up. She told us to strive to be the best, and to use proper English.

“Next,” called Mr J, “is Team 2!” He told the teachers in Team 2 to stand up where they were. “Mrs Glaze isn’t here as you can see,” Mr J said. I looked over to Mrs Glaze’s class. I was shocked. The person standing in her spot was my year 3 teacher, Mrs Mackinlay. Their movie played as they sat down.

After their amazing movie was done, Team 3 got on stage. First a movie played, showing some amazing gymnasts, and then Mrs Barks told us what their team was going to do. The other 4 teachers danced, with hoops, moonhoppers, and ribbons. They bowed as they walked off the stage.

Team 4’s movie played. They did potato sculpting! It was messy, they took some mashed potato from other competitors, and sometimes threw it back! In the end, Jamaica got the medal. Mr Goodwin’s sculpture was a frog.

And now, last but not least, was Team 5’s item. It was a movie of where some teachers went in the holidays. Some students were shocked and amazed at some of the places they visited. They were at places like Machu Picchu in Chile.

And when the movie finished, it was time to go back to class. Term 3’s Immersion assembly had finished. It was now time to start learning about the Commonwealth Games. I can’t wait!

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