Saturday, August 30, 2014

Storylines Fest

And the bus left the school with some year 6's and the yr 7&8 extension group. Where were we going? To the Storylines Fest. In an earlier post I had the biography of the authors we'd be seeing. Those people we saw.

They all had different things to say about their books and subjects. Jill MacGregor showed us something cool. When she was travelling the Pacific, on one island they planted popcorn kernels. Soon, it grew into kernel on the cob, which could microwaved to get popcorn on the cob!

Paula Green got us to do a mini rhyme. She got various people down to say different things to make a rhyme! Julia Maclver read a poem to us made especially for young kids, but we enjoyed it.

Catherine Mayo read us some of her interesting story, and showed us a cave that is not popular but there in Greece. When she showed us the map, I saw one weird bit. At a T intersection, one path lead to nowhere. There was some text next to it saying: 'To the Underworld.' I was confused. Would they see Hades?

All of this was so interesting, I could not choose a favourite bit! My favourite two authors would have to be Julia Maclver and Paula Green. They read us poems, and even got us into doing one ourselves! If I were to be up there like they were, I would either get stage fright or forget my lines. They did pretty well.

When they asked the questions, I had one which wasn't picked. That question was; "Who helped you to write those amazing stories?"

Friday, August 29, 2014

Argument Writing: Should Kids Exercise Everyday Or Not?

I believe children should exercise everyday. It will keep them fit, and help them win things later on in life like gold medals at the Olympics!

Exercise has a great benefit on people who do it everyday. E.g. A child runs 1km a day, and then goes further, etc. Soon they will be extremely fit, unlike those who don’t. So don’t sit there doing nothing. I recommend going out there to do things.

People love to impress. With lots of exercise, they can grow those impressive stuff like biceps and abs! It will keep you heart and lungs healthy, so you can go further distances without running out of puff so quickly.

Exercise manages your weight. Yes, that one. More exercise, less calories. If you don’t have many calories, you won’t have to worry about it later on in life. So don’t eat McDonalds or those unhealthy foods everyday. Eat it as a treat.

Keep that blood flow going. Exercising will keep the blood flow going regularly. Greater blood flow will increase the amount in your brain, and that will help you get good grades at school! Increased blood flow can help the immune system get rid of those nasty germs. So like I recommend, exercise. Get rid of those germs.

So exercise is good for you. I’ve found that it helps the blood flow, manages your calories, gets you better grades(maybe), boosts your immune system and helps you to impress people!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Biography of some Authors

Here is the biography of some authors that the Extension group will be seeing on Thursday at the Storylines Festival.

Jill MacGregor currently lives on the Kapiti Coast but was born in Dunedin. After being a VSA teacher for two years in Tonga, she traveled around the Pacific islands. She writes journals that are based on the Pacific Islands.

Juliette Maclver always wanted to write a children’s book at one point. When he did, she found it so fun that she decided to become an author. She grew up in Wellington and went to Victoria University when she was older.

She became an English teacher at one point. Her books were based on linguistics. She is a mother of four, and she even traveled around Europe and Thailand by herself.

Catherine Mayo was always a reader and dreamer. Becoming a writer was difficult, but she seemed to enjoy every step of it. When she was at the young age of seven, she found Barbara Leonie Picard’s retelling of The Odyssey. She was deeply absorbed in these books.

She studied music and history at Auckland University and traveled New Zealand as a Geological field assistant and climber. Later on she went back into music and became a professional violinist. She wanted to write Odysseus stories for a while and soon did write one that won several awards.

Paula Green lives on the West Coast of Auckland with her two daughters, three cats and two Springer Spaniels. She runs NZ Poetry Box , an interactive blog for children, teachers and parents from Year 0 to Year 8. When she is not wrirting, she likes getting out and doing things.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Back To The Present #7: Utter Nonsense!

“Hey!” shouted Lee. “A trout!” “I rest my case.” I replied.

Back To The Present.

#7: Utter Nonsense!
Written & Illustrated By Iisa

The U.F.O shot a giant rock at the water. A size big enough to kill us all. A hatch opened up and the aliens said, “We’re sorry to learn that you will soon be dead. Although you may find this slightly macabre, we prefer your extinction to the loss of our job.”

“So!?” remarked Lee. “How much do you get paid?” “$2 a day.” replied the aliens. “I get paid... uh... wait. I don’t have a job.” said Jordan. FWOOM! Another U.F.O vaporised the main U.F.O into smithereens.

A man got out. “Who are you?” Jordan asked unmannerly. “E.T, or Impo.” E.T replied. “Oi!” I shouted. “You were supposed to die in E.T pt 4!”
“Oh... that...”
“You should know!”
“But they also showed me a First Aid Kit...”
“How did I not record this stuff?”
“I don’t know......” “Don’t worry,” sympathised Lee. “He thought I was dead too!”

E.T kindly rolled down his ramp, and we all got on. Lee helped me push the car on. We were just about to leave when I noticed something. Jordan wasn’t here. I ran to go find him. “Don’t ditch me, I don’t want Stranded recreated!” I thought.

So I walked around. I heard lots of noises in the dark forest. Soon I saw a broken house. I got closer. Jordan had eaten most of what seemed to be a half-eaten candy house. “Hansel and Gretel.” I thought.

I could not find Jordan anywhere. Then I heard a rumble. I looked up. The volcano was erupting. “Shoot.” I groaned. “This is becoming Stranded!” I ran through the dark woods, through the murky swamp water, and charged through the falling styrofoam apples. “All the fruit is fake!” I groaned.

Everything was dimming. I ran into Jordan. Actually, it wasn’t. Some falling rocks fell and took down the trees. Light shone, revealing who the silhouette was. It was a witch. “Hi, ugly!” I spoke. “Ooh! That’s rude! You’re pretty...ugly.” I grinned and ran.

The witch was mad. She started chasing me down. “I’m being chased down by a witch! Mmm, mmm, mmm. Should I run or should I hide? No, I’ll hit her with styrofoam apples!” And I pelted her with apples. Jordan ran past.

So I ran with him. Soon the U.F.O was in sight. A bit further to go. I tripped over a rock. “Uh oh.” I said. I instantly went into tuck and roll. I rolled into the ship, and E.T took off.

On our flight, E.T and I started up a conversation. “So why was I supposed to die?” asked E.T.  I tried to avoid that question. E.T did NOT need to know. He was trying all sorts of persuasive speaking. At last I lost patience. “I hate having to put a dot in your name. It’s annoying. So, you had to die.”

E.T was sad. He looked back to the front. I felt guilty. “Can I call you Impo instead?” I asked.

Explanation Writing

The body is an amazing thing. It is an essential part of you. Without it you’d be as dead as a rock. It helps you keep healthy when you’re sick, keeps the blood flowing when you have fun, allows you to inhale and exhale oxygen and stay alive.

Once you reach adulthood, you will have reached full potential. It takes 7 years to finish going through puberty, and when you are at the top, well, you’d be an adult! In that stage your hormones will start kicking into action.

When you are little, you aren’t using much of your brain. You're only using a bit. But as you grow older, You will use more and more parts of the brain like the Cortex, the spot that helps you make decisions. When you are around 20 years of age, You will use nearly all of your brain.

But if you take drugs for example, it will damage your brain permanently. It will also affect your body, making all of your reactions slow down. It will affect your memory, so you can’t remember your past. And sometimes it will give you sudden mood swings. And soon it will be hard to stop, as most of the time your body will suffer dreadfully without it.

Usually another price that comes with drugs is that you will lose your future. If you could go somewhere with something that you do, and you go on drugs, you could lose your chance forever. You may be chased down by the cops, being controlled by a drug dealer, or just suffering. It’s not the best idea to go on these. It’s not water, or food.

Also, eat healthy food. We’ve all heard that many times before. Healthy food is good for you. For example: If you eat tomatoes, you will have a reduced chance of getting cancer. Beetroot increases the amount of iron in your blood, and carrots help with your vision. So don’t always eat unhealthy food, have some good food every once in a while.

Water is a must for keeping your body alright. Having soda all the time is bad for keeping balance in your body. All the sugar in the soda can damage your teeth. So not only should you not take soda regularly, but brush your teeth so they don’t get broken, or so you won’t have infected gums.

If you have an infection, it’s best to tell someone right away, rather than leave it. It will most likely get worse, and can sometimes lead to blood poisoning, or losing a limb. Doctors are always a good idea to help cure infections, and so is ointment. Do not leave serious infections to chance. That is a dangerous decision that puts you in lots of risk.

So take good care of your body. It is an amazing and precious pal, the best you’ll ever have. You can ask a rock to find out what it’s like without a body. Or maybe you can take real good care of yours. Don’t throw it all away. You only have one chance, so make the most of it. Kia Kaha.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Astria: Countdown To Impact!

On Astria, Isara and I finished all the rooms on Astria: Countdown To Impact. Once we had gone over and over and completed all the rooms, we finally got up to the council stage. We had both agreed to choose the Kinetic impactor to whack the meteorite out of the impact path.

We went through different questions, the council would not choose easily! They also demanded files that we found from other rooms. I'm glad that we decided to go through all the different rooms.

But once we finished with the council, the game froze. We couldn't do anything, as it would lag too much. Eventually the game had to be quit out of. From then on, we hadn't played.

But to brighten up our day, the researchers sent a new link. This one would not lag or freeze after you speak to the council. So Isara and I went on, and played. But we started with some stuff missing, and right by the council. We persuaded them to use the solar sail, and went to customize the ship.

We added everything we could to it. From the Smiley face to the Fuel tank, we got everything. Soon we flew up, deployed the sail, and saved the world! Our total score was 75%.

But Isara and I were pleased. After all, we saved Astria!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to the present #6: Get The Gummy Bears!

That got everyone’s attention. “GET THE GUMMY BEARS!!!” They screamed.

Back to the present.

#6: Get the gummy bears!

“Ho no.” said Lee. “DRIVE!” I was speeding. Everyone was dying to get it. Something had to be done. “It’s licorice flavour!” I shouted. Everyone except stopped in disappointment.

“Hurrah!” shouted Lee. There seemed to be dark, rain clouds over them. “Awww... I feel for them.” Vaifoa said with much sympathy. “If they knew it was orange.” All of a sudden, lightning struck and everyone started chasing us again. “Nice going.” groaned Lee.

I saw the end. It was getting closer. Jordan thwacked the packet out from Lee’s grasp, into the sea. An orca jumped out, ate it, and landed back in the water. Everyone skidded to the water, and started beating up the orca.

We crossed the line, and were zapped into the future again. “Hooray!” cheered Vaifoa. We were on the bottom floor. The cops smashed the door down. The lights flickered. It turned off. The shrink-thing wrapped it’s robotic tentacles around the cops. They could not move.

Jordan and Lee were suddenly paralyzed. Vaifoa and I weren’t. The tentacles wrapped around them. As Vaifoa and I ran, we figured out what had happened.

The robot was stopping everything that it HADN’T shrunk. Vaifoa and I had to do something. CRUNCH! The cow from Part 1 fell on it. "MOOOOOOOO!!!" It screamed in distress. Everyone could fidget out.

The 4 of us all scrambled to the car. I hit the pedal, and a spark from the robot sent us to the present! But then we landed in an ocean.

“This car needs fixing.” remarked Lee. “Can you fix a car with a tridecahedron battery?” I asked. Lee said no further. We both started working on the car.

I looked down into the deep blue sea which glistened under the bright sun. It was peaceful. I took in a deep breath, and calmed down. The others weren’t. They were yelling, panicking, and crying. I rolled my eyes in frustration.

“We’re siiinking down! If the last thing that we do! Is eat a trout! I’ll put it in a stew!” sang Lee. “Shush.” replied Vaifoa. I saw an island up ahead. We sailed over to the island, and soon climbed off.

The car could not drive, it had too much water in the engine. “Great.” I murmured. A U.F.O turned up above us. I groaned. “This will get worse.” “Hey!” shouted Lee. “A trout!” “I rest my case.” I replied.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Ed

For the past four weeks, our class has been going to the Life Ed caravan with Lynn and Harold the giraffe. Usually when we go there, we learn about how we should treat each other and other things in that subject.

But this time we learnt about something different. It was about drugs and the consequences. At one point, we were all given a mint. It had a ‘G’ on it. We didn’t know what to do with it. After a while, the majority of us ate the mint. I was one of them.

The lesson behind that was to show us that when we don’t know what something is, it is best if we don’t eat it or do anything with it. Everyone quickly learnt a lesson from that experience.

On our first day, we watched a video showing drug addicts tell their story, in the hope of us not becoming addicted. The people were Malcolm, Zeb, Rita, Amy, Jason, and James. James wasn’t interviewed, though. He died on his first time on alcohol, because his friends made him overdose.

People like Zeb had a chance to do something with life, but threw it all away. Jason, owed drug dealers $75,000. Amy, and nearly all the others, started drugs due to peer pressure. Amy’s friends suffered from brain damage. Soon Amy became a drug dealer, and went to prison.

In our final lesson, we watched the conclusion of the DVD. They told us about how hard it is for them to get a job, and that we should never try drugs.

I understood the conclusion really well. I never want to try drugs, and now I have even more of a reason not to. So I won’t try drugs. I still have to reach my full potential, like Harold said.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Countdown To Impact

In extension this morning, we had a trial of a new game made by some university students. We were split into two groups when they arrived. One group were to test the game, while the other group did other things. 

But before we tried out the game, we had to do a test. The test was about vocabulary and choosing which sides to support. Once that was out the way, we had to pair up. Isara & I paired up together, and started playing on his Chromebook. 

The aim of the game was to choose a solution to stop a meteorite from crashing into Astria(the planet). You have 99 2-minute days, meaning you had only 198 minutes to save it. We had to go around and search for items to help make our decisions.

I learnt new things like what potentially means. I feel the game is really interesting, I would highly recommend it to my friends and family. I will also try and remember some of the codes for the keypad, so we can move further on.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Back To The Present #5: Escape

“Easy.” I replied. “I went through the entrance.”

Back To The Present.

#5: Escape

“Okay.” replied Vaifoa, looking for a way out. “What to do?” I had an idea. “Follow me.” I called, running down the snaking aisles. Jordan and Vaifoa did, and we all ended in the guillotine room.

I picked up the blade, and ran back to the hedges. Lots of cops spotted us and charged at us. I kept cutting them as I ran. Soon we reached the hedge. We sliced our way out. But that was a terrible mistake.

We ran off the edge. Off a giant cliff. Above the clouds. “Uh oh...” I groaned. We fell down. “AAAAAAA!!” shrieked Vaifoa. “AAAAAAAAAA!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!! AAAAA--- I’m bored.”

“Me too.” said Jordan. Everything was peaceful. The landscape and the slowly setting sun was perfect. We slowly fell to the clouds. “Aahh...” I smiled.

SMAK! SMAKY!! SMAKITY SMAK!!! We all hit the metallic clouds. I looked closer. We were on the car. “Hurrah!” shouted Jordan. Then, I saw it. In the car was... Lee!

“What?” I said, puzzled. “I thought you died! What? Didn’t you read Stranded or Herobrine’s Attack?!” “I came back from the afterlife. Like Herobrine. Oh yeah, when you saw me, I was sleeping.” Lee replied.

“No fair! You’re in the wrong story, bub!” shouted Vaifoa. “Déjà vu.” I said. “Now let’s go!” I got in the driver’s seat, and started driving. We were going faster and faster.

The cops came in their flying cars. “Put your hands up!” shouted a cop. “How do expect me to drive, then!?” I screamed back. A cop shot a taser at the rod. ZWOOP!! We entered space-time.

“Take that!” shouted Lee. We sped across the blue and black ground. The rod fell off, and tore a hole in space-time! The gaps closed, leaving us stuck. “Oh deary me.” groaned Jordan.

We fell down the black hole, into a two dimensional world. Soon I figured where we were. In an arcade game. The game was a racing game. “What now?” asked Vaifoa. “We’re all pixelated.” worried Lee.

A light turned on. More cars came. The light was a starter light! “If we win, we might escape!” I said optimistically. The green light shone. I slammed the speed pedal.

WOOSH!! We sped off. “They won’t catch up.” chuckled Jordan. “We’re at 5000 mph!” A car caught up. “Are you serious?” asked Jordan.

The race had begun. We swerved, sped, and rode up hills. This car would not stop. “JUST PLEASE STOP!! YOU’RE RUINING OUR CHANCES OF LEAVING!!” Lee shouted.

I soon figured it out. You couldn’t win by speed. You could only win by not crashing. I sped around bends and careered over lawns. Some people inside would get out, and I’d ride over them.

“Ooh. A bit gory.” complained Vaifoa, looking at the blood and body bits fly on other riders faces. “R-13.” siad Lee. “I’m hungry.” groaned Jordan. I rolled my eyes. “I’ve got gummy bears!” Lee shouted.

That got everyone’s attention. “GET THE GUMMY BEARS!!!” They screamed.

Lest we forget

It has been 100 years since WWI started. On the 4th of August, 1914. It started by the 28 June 1914 assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary.

The war soon broke out, with the Austro-Hungarians fighting Serbia. Soon the Ottoman Empire joined, and the war was heated up. New Zealand joined Australia, and ANZAC was formed. They went to fight Turkey. Unfortunately they could not succeed, so they had to retreat.

As the British, French and American armies conquered, the alliance between the Central Powers began to collapse. Turkey signed a treaty at the end of October. Today, the 4th of August 2014, is the 100th anniversary of WWI.

There was a 2-minute moment of silence included, to remember them. And now I have a question for you. How do feel about those who went to go fight for us?

Friday, August 1, 2014


Minecraft from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
From The Toy to Milk, from Orca's to Jack & The BeanstalkI have made an animation about Minecraft. This animation started from Term 1, when my Empathy movie was released. There wasn't much time, as there was one week to go. After finishing my Sound animation in the 4th week, I had much more time to finish this. I used all the spare time I had to make this, I hope you enjoy!

Also, for those of you in my school, how much pink ore appears in this movie? The first one to leave the correct answer will win a prize!


1. What does the word ‘Kendo’ mean? The way of the sword.

2. Kendo is a type of martial art. What other types of martial art do you know of? Taekwon-do, Karate, Judo, & Kung-fu.

3. Kendo training helped warriors become better swordsmen. How else did Kendo help warriors? It helped them fight for and protect the king

4. Do many people today practice Kendo? How do you know that? The book said that 7.5 million practise it, so I’ll trust the facts.

5. What is a ‘dojo’? A training area.

6. Why do you have to remove your shoes before you enter a dojo? To keep the dojo clean. It’s also a sign of respect.

7. What is a ‘gi’? The kendo jacket.

8. Is Kendo just a physical sport? How do you know? It’s also a mental sport. This is because you have to make strategies to overwhelm your opponent.

9. Why do people who fight do a ‘kiai’? What is it for/purpose? A kiai is a yell after the player strikes a player. It’s to help overwhelm the other player.

10. What is the highest beginner grade in Kendo? It is 1st kyū.

11. Would you like to try Kendo? Why? Why not? I don’t think that I would like to do Kendo, as I already do Mau Rakau and Taekwon-do.

Kendo is a sport that uses both mental and physical energy. To train, you must first go to a dojo. (You have to sign up first of course.) You must also have your Kendo jacket on.

Beginners start with a wooden sword that has 4 different parts. This is so it won’t injure the player when they get hit. As you get more experienced, you move up grades, and at one point you will have to use a wooden sword to fight.

And further up, you will reach 1st kyū. That is like a black belt.


Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. It is a country on the Caribbean plate,  which isn’t considered a continental plate. North America is nearest to it, but South America is just as close.

The nation has a population of around 2.8 million people. That makes it the third most populated country in the Americas. The U.S and Canada come in front of it. Kingston is the capital, with a population of about 937,700 people.

Jamaica’s official language is Jamaican English, but Patois (pronounced ‘Patwa’) is spoken by some residents. Jamaican culture is a combination of different cultures. The original Taino settlers, and the one from Spain made major changes.

Cricket is the most popular sport in Jamaica, and there are some other popular sports like football, athletics, and netball. Rugby Union and League are growing sports. Jamaica is one of the leading countries in sprinting with the current world holder of the 100 and 200 meter sprints, Usain Bolt.

The Jamaican flag was made on the 6th of August, 1962, which was the original Jamaican Independence day. The flag has a gold X, that divides the flag into four different sections. The top and bottom in green, and the sides in black.

People in Jamaica get around with roadways, railways, and airplanes. The roadways in Jamaica has almost 13,049 miles of road. Just under 72% of it is paved. That’s around about 9321 miles of pavement.

The railways aren’t as popular as they used to be. With the roadways getting bigger and bigger, less trains are needed. Out of the 169 miles of rails, only 35 miles remain in use, only to transport bauxite.