Friday, August 29, 2014

Argument Writing: Should Kids Exercise Everyday Or Not?

I believe children should exercise everyday. It will keep them fit, and help them win things later on in life like gold medals at the Olympics!

Exercise has a great benefit on people who do it everyday. E.g. A child runs 1km a day, and then goes further, etc. Soon they will be extremely fit, unlike those who don’t. So don’t sit there doing nothing. I recommend going out there to do things.

People love to impress. With lots of exercise, they can grow those impressive stuff like biceps and abs! It will keep you heart and lungs healthy, so you can go further distances without running out of puff so quickly.

Exercise manages your weight. Yes, that one. More exercise, less calories. If you don’t have many calories, you won’t have to worry about it later on in life. So don’t eat McDonalds or those unhealthy foods everyday. Eat it as a treat.

Keep that blood flow going. Exercising will keep the blood flow going regularly. Greater blood flow will increase the amount in your brain, and that will help you get good grades at school! Increased blood flow can help the immune system get rid of those nasty germs. So like I recommend, exercise. Get rid of those germs.

So exercise is good for you. I’ve found that it helps the blood flow, manages your calories, gets you better grades(maybe), boosts your immune system and helps you to impress people!

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