Monday, August 18, 2014

Astria: Countdown To Impact!

On Astria, Isara and I finished all the rooms on Astria: Countdown To Impact. Once we had gone over and over and completed all the rooms, we finally got up to the council stage. We had both agreed to choose the Kinetic impactor to whack the meteorite out of the impact path.

We went through different questions, the council would not choose easily! They also demanded files that we found from other rooms. I'm glad that we decided to go through all the different rooms.

But once we finished with the council, the game froze. We couldn't do anything, as it would lag too much. Eventually the game had to be quit out of. From then on, we hadn't played.

But to brighten up our day, the researchers sent a new link. This one would not lag or freeze after you speak to the council. So Isara and I went on, and played. But we started with some stuff missing, and right by the council. We persuaded them to use the solar sail, and went to customize the ship.

We added everything we could to it. From the Smiley face to the Fuel tank, we got everything. Soon we flew up, deployed the sail, and saved the world! Our total score was 75%.

But Isara and I were pleased. After all, we saved Astria!

1 comment:

  1. Ha- well done. Sound to me like you outwitted the game developers :)
    I hope this was an enjoyable experience for you despite the frustration when it all froze. How did you find it gaming with a partner rather than on your own?

    Mrs Burt