Monday, August 4, 2014

Back To The Present #5: Escape

“Easy.” I replied. “I went through the entrance.”

Back To The Present.

#5: Escape

“Okay.” replied Vaifoa, looking for a way out. “What to do?” I had an idea. “Follow me.” I called, running down the snaking aisles. Jordan and Vaifoa did, and we all ended in the guillotine room.

I picked up the blade, and ran back to the hedges. Lots of cops spotted us and charged at us. I kept cutting them as I ran. Soon we reached the hedge. We sliced our way out. But that was a terrible mistake.

We ran off the edge. Off a giant cliff. Above the clouds. “Uh oh...” I groaned. We fell down. “AAAAAAA!!” shrieked Vaifoa. “AAAAAAAAAA!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!! AAAAA--- I’m bored.”

“Me too.” said Jordan. Everything was peaceful. The landscape and the slowly setting sun was perfect. We slowly fell to the clouds. “Aahh...” I smiled.

SMAK! SMAKY!! SMAKITY SMAK!!! We all hit the metallic clouds. I looked closer. We were on the car. “Hurrah!” shouted Jordan. Then, I saw it. In the car was... Lee!

“What?” I said, puzzled. “I thought you died! What? Didn’t you read Stranded or Herobrine’s Attack?!” “I came back from the afterlife. Like Herobrine. Oh yeah, when you saw me, I was sleeping.” Lee replied.

“No fair! You’re in the wrong story, bub!” shouted Vaifoa. “Déjà vu.” I said. “Now let’s go!” I got in the driver’s seat, and started driving. We were going faster and faster.

The cops came in their flying cars. “Put your hands up!” shouted a cop. “How do expect me to drive, then!?” I screamed back. A cop shot a taser at the rod. ZWOOP!! We entered space-time.

“Take that!” shouted Lee. We sped across the blue and black ground. The rod fell off, and tore a hole in space-time! The gaps closed, leaving us stuck. “Oh deary me.” groaned Jordan.

We fell down the black hole, into a two dimensional world. Soon I figured where we were. In an arcade game. The game was a racing game. “What now?” asked Vaifoa. “We’re all pixelated.” worried Lee.

A light turned on. More cars came. The light was a starter light! “If we win, we might escape!” I said optimistically. The green light shone. I slammed the speed pedal.

WOOSH!! We sped off. “They won’t catch up.” chuckled Jordan. “We’re at 5000 mph!” A car caught up. “Are you serious?” asked Jordan.

The race had begun. We swerved, sped, and rode up hills. This car would not stop. “JUST PLEASE STOP!! YOU’RE RUINING OUR CHANCES OF LEAVING!!” Lee shouted.

I soon figured it out. You couldn’t win by speed. You could only win by not crashing. I sped around bends and careered over lawns. Some people inside would get out, and I’d ride over them.

“Ooh. A bit gory.” complained Vaifoa, looking at the blood and body bits fly on other riders faces. “R-13.” siad Lee. “I’m hungry.” groaned Jordan. I rolled my eyes. “I’ve got gummy bears!” Lee shouted.

That got everyone’s attention. “GET THE GUMMY BEARS!!!” They screamed.

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