Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to the present #6: Get The Gummy Bears!

That got everyone’s attention. “GET THE GUMMY BEARS!!!” They screamed.

Back to the present.

#6: Get the gummy bears!

“Ho no.” said Lee. “DRIVE!” I was speeding. Everyone was dying to get it. Something had to be done. “It’s licorice flavour!” I shouted. Everyone except stopped in disappointment.

“Hurrah!” shouted Lee. There seemed to be dark, rain clouds over them. “Awww... I feel for them.” Vaifoa said with much sympathy. “If they knew it was orange.” All of a sudden, lightning struck and everyone started chasing us again. “Nice going.” groaned Lee.

I saw the end. It was getting closer. Jordan thwacked the packet out from Lee’s grasp, into the sea. An orca jumped out, ate it, and landed back in the water. Everyone skidded to the water, and started beating up the orca.

We crossed the line, and were zapped into the future again. “Hooray!” cheered Vaifoa. We were on the bottom floor. The cops smashed the door down. The lights flickered. It turned off. The shrink-thing wrapped it’s robotic tentacles around the cops. They could not move.

Jordan and Lee were suddenly paralyzed. Vaifoa and I weren’t. The tentacles wrapped around them. As Vaifoa and I ran, we figured out what had happened.

The robot was stopping everything that it HADN’T shrunk. Vaifoa and I had to do something. CRUNCH! The cow from Part 1 fell on it. "MOOOOOOOO!!!" It screamed in distress. Everyone could fidget out.

The 4 of us all scrambled to the car. I hit the pedal, and a spark from the robot sent us to the present! But then we landed in an ocean.

“This car needs fixing.” remarked Lee. “Can you fix a car with a tridecahedron battery?” I asked. Lee said no further. We both started working on the car.

I looked down into the deep blue sea which glistened under the bright sun. It was peaceful. I took in a deep breath, and calmed down. The others weren’t. They were yelling, panicking, and crying. I rolled my eyes in frustration.

“We’re siiinking down! If the last thing that we do! Is eat a trout! I’ll put it in a stew!” sang Lee. “Shush.” replied Vaifoa. I saw an island up ahead. We sailed over to the island, and soon climbed off.

The car could not drive, it had too much water in the engine. “Great.” I murmured. A U.F.O turned up above us. I groaned. “This will get worse.” “Hey!” shouted Lee. “A trout!” “I rest my case.” I replied.

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