Monday, August 25, 2014

Biography of some Authors

Here is the biography of some authors that the Extension group will be seeing on Thursday at the Storylines Festival.

Jill MacGregor currently lives on the Kapiti Coast but was born in Dunedin. After being a VSA teacher for two years in Tonga, she traveled around the Pacific islands. She writes journals that are based on the Pacific Islands.

Juliette Maclver always wanted to write a children’s book at one point. When he did, she found it so fun that she decided to become an author. She grew up in Wellington and went to Victoria University when she was older.

She became an English teacher at one point. Her books were based on linguistics. She is a mother of four, and she even traveled around Europe and Thailand by herself.

Catherine Mayo was always a reader and dreamer. Becoming a writer was difficult, but she seemed to enjoy every step of it. When she was at the young age of seven, she found Barbara Leonie Picard’s retelling of The Odyssey. She was deeply absorbed in these books.

She studied music and history at Auckland University and traveled New Zealand as a Geological field assistant and climber. Later on she went back into music and became a professional violinist. She wanted to write Odysseus stories for a while and soon did write one that won several awards.

Paula Green lives on the West Coast of Auckland with her two daughters, three cats and two Springer Spaniels. She runs NZ Poetry Box , an interactive blog for children, teachers and parents from Year 0 to Year 8. When she is not wrirting, she likes getting out and doing things.

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  1. Thanks for sharing what you have Iisa. It's great to find out a bit about the speakers we will be listening to tomorrow. I'm looking forward to this event as reading about which authors you connect the most with.