Monday, August 11, 2014

Countdown To Impact

In extension this morning, we had a trial of a new game made by some university students. We were split into two groups when they arrived. One group were to test the game, while the other group did other things. 

But before we tried out the game, we had to do a test. The test was about vocabulary and choosing which sides to support. Once that was out the way, we had to pair up. Isara & I paired up together, and started playing on his Chromebook. 

The aim of the game was to choose a solution to stop a meteorite from crashing into Astria(the planet). You have 99 2-minute days, meaning you had only 198 minutes to save it. We had to go around and search for items to help make our decisions.

I learnt new things like what potentially means. I feel the game is really interesting, I would highly recommend it to my friends and family. I will also try and remember some of the codes for the keypad, so we can move further on.

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