Saturday, August 30, 2014

Storylines Fest

And the bus left the school with some year 6's and the yr 7&8 extension group. Where were we going? To the Storylines Fest. In an earlier post I had the biography of the authors we'd be seeing. Those people we saw.

They all had different things to say about their books and subjects. Jill MacGregor showed us something cool. When she was travelling the Pacific, on one island they planted popcorn kernels. Soon, it grew into kernel on the cob, which could microwaved to get popcorn on the cob!

Paula Green got us to do a mini rhyme. She got various people down to say different things to make a rhyme! Julia Maclver read a poem to us made especially for young kids, but we enjoyed it.

Catherine Mayo read us some of her interesting story, and showed us a cave that is not popular but there in Greece. When she showed us the map, I saw one weird bit. At a T intersection, one path lead to nowhere. There was some text next to it saying: 'To the Underworld.' I was confused. Would they see Hades?

All of this was so interesting, I could not choose a favourite bit! My favourite two authors would have to be Julia Maclver and Paula Green. They read us poems, and even got us into doing one ourselves! If I were to be up there like they were, I would either get stage fright or forget my lines. They did pretty well.

When they asked the questions, I had one which wasn't picked. That question was; "Who helped you to write those amazing stories?"

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  1. Hi Iisa, I am so pleased you got to attend. This has been a highlight for me over the years and it sounds like this year was no exception. Thanks for sharing the highlights with us.
    Mrs Burt