Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Facts about Back To The Present that you never knew

Currently, Back To The Present is my best narrative yet. Here are some facts about it.

And one more thing: All the records are my personal records.

  • It has the most pages than any other at 30. Herobrine's Attack had 17.
  • Back To The Present has the most parts. Herobrine's attack previously had the most at 7, but BTTP has 8. The story was supposed to end at #5, Escape. After taking a look at Herobrine's Attack with 7 parts, it was decided to keep going.
  • The car was re-built in this story, and was destroyed in it too!
  • It had re-introduced the most characters than any other at 4.
  • This marks the first appearance of E.T since E.T part 3. Lee has spoken for the first time since Stranded Pt 4. It would've been his appearance, but he was seen in Herobrine's attack.
  • Herobrine's attack was supposed to mark the last appearance of the time car. The only reason it was re-introduced was because the line "You're crazy." in was wanted to start another. Something had to be chosen to put it in, and Herobrine's Attack had finished. That, honestly, is the only reason the time car is back. And also why Back To The Present exists.
  • The title is a spoof of the 1985 movie Back To The Future.
  • Lee, Iisa, Jordan & Vaifoa are racing the other racers in a game called Speeders. It was a game that I was terrible at it. It was put in to show how annoying other racers can be.
  • Weqast and Verrunkgovle returned to take over the world. That's because they were never defeated in Bad Luck Pt 2. They left it to E.T. This is surprising, because E.T isn't the same type alien. Why would they trust them?
  • When E.T dies, there are 2 different pictures of my reaction. It's pretty similar, except for the background. One has a ender sort background, and the other an orangey-brown one. Both were used.
  • The last line of Back To The Present #10 is the same line that was at the start. It seems fitting that the line that started it all ends it all. Don't you agree?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Once again

Term 3 2014 has concluded! Now I have even more time to stretch! (I really need to.) I fancy the holidays because it gives me more family time. I will try to keep you all updated with stories and recounts. But for now,
Happy Holidays!

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs. The World #1

“Can I get a 2 scoop cone?” asked Tommy. “That’s $84.98.” replied Joe. “Why?” asked Tommy. “Because I just saved the world.” answered Joe.

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs. The World

#1: Meet Joe

Joe, is your ordinary Ice-cream man. You’ve had ice cream before, right? Well that’s his job. Joe has a hatred for children, especially the whiny, spoiled ones.

One day he was selling ice cream at a massive game concert. Everyone was watching the rockstars. It was global. Everyone could view it, online and at the destination. Joe wasn’t watching it though. He was selling ice cream to two boys named Tim & Miko.

All of a sudden, everyone who was watching was zapped with green lightning. Joe and the boys weren’t, but they gazed at the zapped people. Some aliens landed on the stage. “Everyone is now under our control.” chuckled one alien. “Get in.” Joe told the boys, still glaring at the aliens.

One spotted them. “Minions, get them!” he shouted. Joe quickly slammed down the cover and hastily scrambled into the drivers seat. It was crowded, with two other people inside.

The people started charging at them. “DRIVE!” screamed Miko. Joe soon got the car speeding down the road. They veered into a stream, covered by tall trees. The sun had set, but there was still light to see. Joe didn’t slow down. He sped up. Soon they returned to the streets.

“Phew.” puffed Joe. “What does this button do?” asked Tim, pressing it. The van’s ice-cream music started. The minions heard it and stared at them. “Stuff you Tim!” screamed Miko. “Oi! You got the double cone but I didn’t!” Tim shouted back.

Joe started speeding again. But the minions were catching up. Thinking hard, Joe soon came up with an idea. “I have an idea.” he said.

Back To The Present #10: Finale

Back To The Present.

#10: Finale
Written & Illustrated by Iisa

I didn’t know what to do. Or say. E.T was gone, for each and everyday. Jordan came back. “You alright? Lee went to explore and Vaifoa went to the bathroom.” “I turned around, remembering E.T’s words. 

I guess you don't understand. I don't want you to understand. As long as you have your friends that believe you can do it, you can do anything. Like me. Don't grovel over my death. For ever and ever, I am E.T Impo.

I begun to walk in the ship when BAM!! It was shot down. I jumped back hastily. “Jordan!” I shouted, not really caring about Vaifoa. The hatch to the ship opened. Out came two aliens. “Who are you?” I asked.

“Why, I am Weqast and this is Verrunkgovle.” replied Weqast in a formal manner. “We have come to enslave you and dominate the world.” “What!?” I replied. I saw their ship pick up the broken ship with Jordan and Vaifoa in it.

“Rrr...” I murmured angrily. “They might be dead.” I thought. The ship started to close me in. I walked back until I hit the wall. “Come on in... We won’t bite.” taunted Verrunkgovle. I looked around, unsure what to do.

“I know!” I said, with a light shining above my head. I grabbed it before it hit me. “Ha ha! Won’t get me this time!” I shouted. I threw the light to the glass of the ship. Then I jumped. “Whee!” I yelled.

I hadn’t planned he landing thoroughly though. I was pummeling towards the ground. “Of course!” I thought. I unzipped my jacket and held onto the sleeves. “Hurrah! Thanks Vaifoa!” I cheered.

It wasn’t enough, though. I splatted onto the hard ground. “Ow...” I groaned, getting up. My left arm was in pain. I scanned the area, hid, and checked my arm again. “Oh dear... It’s broken.” Things were bad.

Jordan and Vaifoa were captured, my arm was broken, and E.T was dead. A green light suddenly shone on me. “You’ve left it to this.” spoke Weqast. “If only E.T were here.” teased Verrunkgovle.

I looked up the dark slender tower. I’ve been climbing before, but this would be a life or death situation. “CLIMB!” I screamed in my head. I started scrambling up the wall. The ship flew up, as if it were a race.

But I didn’t go further. This was the best spot to hide. My foot slipped, and I fell to the bottom. The ship came too. But this time, I was definitely stuck. I had no choice. I jumped, smashed through the window, and started fighting.

Lee came too, and soon we were overpowering the aliens. “Ha ha ha!” shouted Weqast. He picked up a gun.
“One hit and you’ll be incinerated!” He was quick to aim. But before he could pull the trigger, Jordan kicked it, hands behind back, onto the ground. “Not today!” Jordan chortled.

Weqast started battling Jordan who could only use his feet, which enabled me to get the gun. “Goodbye!” I laughed, pulling the trigger. ZAP! Weqast and Verrunkgovle were no more. “What happened?” Vaifoa asked, confused.

“Don’t worry.” assured Jordan. He climbed into the seat, and we were off. Later, we landed back on Earth. Everything was back to normal. We had landed near the internet cafè, just before we took off.

We watched as we left in the time car. “It’s a shame it was destroyed, again.” I said. “But, I need a hot chocolate.” So I bought some for the 4 of us.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” I asked. “You were shrunk, then tasered, fell onto ground et cetera, and you liked it?” asked Lee. “Hey, we saw Rinko!” interrupted Vaifoa. “And almost died there.” replied Jordan.

“This is pointless.” I said. “Let’s go home and play some Monopoly.” “Sure.” the others agreed. “If you guys win, I’ll buy you more hot chocolate.” I promised.

“Sure!” they replied enthusiastically. Lee and Vaifoa got up and walked to my house. I was with Jordan. “And after this,” I said, “We could make the car again!” Jordan looked at me. “You’re crazy.” he said.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Soccer Ball Throw

Soccer Ball Throw is a modified version of Handball from England. Here is a movie and presentation of how to play.

Soccer Ball Throw from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Party Vote

After a hard day's work yesterday, I awoke to see my parents getting ready to leave. They were going to the elections. I didn't go with them. I was still in bed.

Later, they came back. Me, being curious, asked my mum who they voted for. Mum reluctantly told me. "It was a split vote." That made sense. Mum wanted to vote for him, but there was a problem about that.

National is promising to deliver more teaching for students, especially disabled ones.delivering more jobs. They’re also planning on helping families by investing in teaching quality, bringing in free doctors’ visits for children under 13 and extending paid parental leave to 18 weeks. In addition, they're also promising to increase the number of homes being built.

Labour is saying that they'll extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks, and also increase early childhood education to 25 hours a week and extend it even further for the vulnerable. Also, they state that they'll restore funding for 100% qualified teaching staff in ECEs. Adding on to that, they say they will validate to leave more money in your pocket to pay the bills by preventing power companies overcharging.

It seems like National will win, but after seeing Labour's policies, I personally think Labour will win this time. Who do you think will win?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Back To The Present #9: I am E.T Impo.

There was Vaifoa eating some steak.

Back To The Present.

#9: I am E.T Impo.
Written & Illustrated by Iisa

“Save me some!” I replied, hungry as. Vaifoa looked over to me. He grinned. “Have this one.” I was about to take a big bite when a Lee jumped and ate the entire steak.

“Oi!” shouted Jordan. “That was my part!” E.T got up, dazed and confused. “What happened?” he asked. So I told him everything. E.T was surprised. “Well well. I never thought the elders would come to kill me.” “Why?” Vaifoa asked innocently.

“Rinko was my homeland. There was an obsidian tower that reached high into the firmament. On top, was where the elders were. When Mitch pressed the button, the explosion must've sent the elders up and away too.”

“Wait...” replied Lee. “Are you sure that the planet blew up? Because you’re here.” E.T was shocked. “My god! You’re right! It may have been the button to let the elders leave!” He walked to the controls. “Let’s go back to Rinko.” he said. We flew off to the distant planet.

We soon landed on Rinko. We all got out, equipped with weapons. There weren’t many aliens. Many aliens suddenly rushed out and started firing at us. “Look!” shouted E.T in surprise. “There’s the button!”

E.T and I rushed to the button. We climbed up with all our might. We were soon at a platform with the button. A giant alien landed in front of us. BAM! It punched E.T and almost threw him past the edge. He grabbed onto the ledge.

I started shooting the alien. Soon I was out of bullets. BAM!! E.T shot the alien’s head right off. “Woah!” I remarked. E.T walked up to the button. “This button will kill everyone that is an alien.” he said. “Even M.J.M?” I asked.

“No.” E.T smiled. “Just our race. That...” “...includes you?” I asked. “Yes.” said E.T. “But I had a good time with you, Mitch and the others. Goodbye.” E.T lifted his finger. “What!? No!” I shouted. E.T took one last glance at me.

“All this happened because I got the bedtime wrong. No matter what contradictions lie here, let it stay.” He pressed the button. "Remember this." he continued. "I guess you don't understand. I don't want you to understand. As long as you have your friends that believe you can do it, you can do anything. Like me. Don't grovel over my death. For ever and ever, I am E.T Impo." I saw all the aliens were beginning to disintegrate. I watched in sorrow. E.T was gone with a smile.

“E.T... died for us.” I groaned. The others came up in the U.F.O. “I-Iisa?” asked Lee. “What’s wrong?” asked Vaifoa. “Let him have some time to himself. C'mon.” replied Jordan. They softly flew away.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cross Country

"C'mon Iisa, win! We will all be watching you!" spoke Jordan enthusiastically. I rolled my eyes, and replied sarcastically, "Yeah yeah, I'll beat Lee at Cross Country this time!"

Yes, once again, we had cross country. Everyone was bossing me around, saying how I should come first and beat Lee, instead of settling for 2nd. This made me cross, but I couldn't really blame them. I have been coming second after Lee since year 4, even in the inter-zone competitions. So I can see why they wanted change.

Each year as we get older, we have to wait longer before our race starts. But this year Ms V wanted the year 7's to go after the year 5's. That meant after the year 5 boys started, the year 7 boys would go, and then the year 5 girls. The benefit of that for us was that we got to go slightly earlier than usual. Many students would get bored, though. Waiting so long before you run, that would bore me quickly.

But for some of us, we had to lead the little ones around their course. Lee and I, had to lead them as well. So we went up for when they had to run. Lee helped the year 1 girls, and I helped the year 2 girls. Both of them had the same course, meaning that I wouldn't have to run an extra long distance. When the year 2 girls were ready, so was I.

CLAP!! I had to sprint. The small ones were speeding faster than some year 7 boys that I know. I was trying my best to stay in the lead. In the middle, they started to drop behind. As I came to Mr Sommerville, he laughed. "Iisa, it's good to see you in front for a change!" As we neared the end, the girls sped up, while I slowed down.

Now that the race had ceased, I had to wait for our race. "Urh!" I groaned. "They better run fast! Or I’ll suffer from boredom!" Luckily, most of the boys were fast, so our race was soon up. We slowly approached the start line. I don't know why, but I was shaking uncomfortably. It always happened. “You’ll get a good finishing spot. You’ll get a good finishing spot.” I assured myself. But no matter how much I did, I would get more and more tense. The caterpillars in my stomach hatched into butterflies. Just joking, I had butterflies in my stomach.

Mr Burt made sure we were lined up. "Remember," he told us, "Don't stop when you're running. Keep going. Persevere to the end." He put the megaphone down, picked up the starter piece, and CLAP! The race started. We were off.

Everyone would always sprint at the start, which is a bad idea, considering that we would be running 3 km. I took a quick glance across the field. Hala was ahead. He was grinning at us, who were trying so hard to overtake him. Everyone went too fast, at the wrong time.

Things started to cool down, and soon the giant group of running year 7 boys slowly got longer and longer, like someone flattening some dough. I soon found myself in the front with Lee. As I was running with him, I kept having flashbacks of last year when Lee was slowly drooping ahead, until it too late to catch up. To my surprise, I started drooping behind again in the same spot. "No. Not this time." I thought to myself, running to keep up.

This year, we had to run 3 km, meaning that we do 2 laps of the arranged course. Lee and I, being good friends, had conversations to keep occupied. We had a good talk. Soon, the first lap would be done. All the year 8's were there, cheering us on. Mrs King ran up. She told us to run to Mrs Wild. As we did, Mr J told us to run around the start bit first. We did so quickly and were on our way.

The course seemed short. Very short. Before we knew it, we were sprinting past the year 8's again, who seemed like they needed more entertainment. They were quick to spot us. They begun cheering and screaming for us. “Go Iisa! Go Lee!” they cheered. This gave me a bit more encouragement. So I found energy I never knew was there, and kept with Lee.

Everyone was waiting at the line, wondering who will triumph. "We have a conspiracy!" were the words of Mr J as we drew nearer. Putting all my energy in my legs, Lee and I skyrocketed past the line, coming 1st equal. Mrs Flavelle came powerwalking to the wheezing Lee and I. She gave a little growling to Lee about not winning. "Takitimu needs the points, not Mataatua!"

I soon saw what she meant. Following up was Damien, then Jordan and Vaifoa, who came a tie, and then Moses. Next was Peh so, and later Bailee. All those people were from the true green team named Mataatua.
In case you don't know, we are put in house teams when we join this school. The 4 groups are Mataatua (green), Takitimu (Yellow), Tainui (Blue), & Te Arawa (Red). I am in Mataatua, and proud about it.

Lee and I are still good friends, and we are both ready to represent our school in interzone!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The gift

It was a Friday morning. I walked into the staffroom and over to where Mr Burt was. I told him my plan and gave him my paper. Then I went to class.

I left you in suspense! The plan was to give a certain teacher a gift I worked on all week. Soon assembly started. Our class was in the front. Andrew Patterson from Radio Live was there.

When it came to the Duffy Certificates, Mr Burt picked up the gift. He handed it to Mr. Patterson. But instead of just handing it over to the recipient, he read it aloud to the entire school! I was red in the face with embarrassment. The gift was a poem I thought of while lying down in bed, and the recipient was Mrs Tele'a.

When Mr. Patterson read my name out, instantly everyone turned their heads at me. When the poem reading was done, both Mrs Tele'a and I had to come up and go on stage. I now don't feel embarrassed, because I know that I made someone happy.

Here are the lyrics and the poem.
Our lives are amazing,
And you are too.
You can do many things,
like shout out "Woo!"

Our life is great,
but we only have one,
so make the most,
fufill that fun!

So when you're lying down,
You know it's your last day,
You can say "I did it! 
Yay for me! Hooray!"

So don't be lazy,
Do something!
Make sure you'll have a
Happy ending!

Back To The Present #8: Backup Crew

I felt guilty. “Can I call you Impo instead?” I asked.

Back To The Present.

#8: Backup Crew
Written & Illustrated By Iisa

I looked at E.T. “Shoot he’s hurt. What should I say? Why are you green? No that’s racist!” I thought quickly. Soon I found the word. “Extinguisher!” I shouted out loud. “Shoot no!” I thought. “E.T hates them!”

“Uhh... You’re good at flying...” I murmured. “Thanks. I am one of the best.” E.T spoke, grinning. Vaifoa rolled his eyes. “Huh! I could drive better than you anyday E.T!” He snorted.

E.T looked over. It was a challenge. “Get out my ship.” he snapped. “Wha!?” panicked Vaifoa. He grabbed an extinguisher. “Here. Do you want amnesia?”  E.T was shocked. Accidentally, he flew the ship towards a whirlpool. “Oops.” groaned Vaifoa.

The ship was weak, and fell down towards the spinning water of doom. “Halp!” shouted Jordan and Lee. But it was no use. We sank down into the depths of the deep blue sea. “Whee!” I cheered nervously. Nobody looked at me.

Smak! A trout hit the window. Lee hit the window. “Where is my stew-maker?” he asked. E.T bravely searched the buttons. Soon he found a button that would help. He smashed it. The ship soon came on it’s own power and flew. I looked over to Jordan. He looked sick. “Y’know,” I said, “You did get a choice. You chose to come with us.”

“A choice I regret.” replied Jordan rudely. “What cheek!” I spluttered. “That Jordan is too big for his boots!” “Uh Oh...” groaned E.T. “We’re being chased by those other aliens!”

E.T swerved around the rays. He was good. But then they hit us. Just barely. E.T was knocked out. Now no-one was piloting the ship. So I ran to front and took over. I was not really ready. My failure to drive the ship made us dodge the bullets. My mistakes were helping us.

Jordan was shocked. “I don’t feel well...” Vaifoa groaned. An alien hopped on the back of the ship. Lee and I grabbed some fancy schmancy ray guns and took off. The alien was massive. I looked at the ship behind us. “Take care of the ship, Lee!” I shouted as I jumped on the ship.

The ship was dark and slimy. I was petrified. “You should really clean up this place...” I suggested. An alien spotted me. And another. More and more saw me. They slowly approached me.

I tried to run, but my foot hit a rock, and I started to fall over. I was spinning around. I pulled the trigger and held it down. All around me, aliens disintegrated. “Hurrah!” I called out loud. Once they were down, I went to the cockpit. “How do these movie directors know what the inside of an alien U.F.O looks like?” I asked in amazement.

A giant alien stomped in front. “Oh dear...” I groaned. BAM! A giant beam of radioactive rays streamlined through the alien. In shock, I turned around. Jordan was standing there. “Oh yeah.” he smirked.

Jordan and I carried on running. Soon we found the cockpit. “I’ll open the door.” I said, slowly approaching the door. “NO!” shrieked Jordan. He shot the door into smithereens. “Someone should take that away from you.” I scolded.

Jordan had shot the fuel tank. The U.F.O was doomed to blow up. I turned around. “Uhh... Let’s go that way.” I told Jordan. “No!” shouted Jordan. He jumped, slid, and smashed through the window.

“Who do you think you are?” I asked, following. I jumped onto our U.F.O. I was surprised. Lee and Vaifoa did a good job. All of a sudden, Lee shouted out in horror. “Mayday!”  “What!?” hesitated Jordan.

CRASH!! We crash-landed in a steak-store. Nom nom nom... I suddenly heard. I looked behind me. There was Vaifoa eating some steak.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Letter To Prime Minister

To: John Key
Screenshot 2014-09-02 at 09.30.50.pngDear Mr Key,
I have recently become concerned about the amount of rubbish accumulating in the ocean. You can ask many people around NZ about this, but they may not know about it. The problem is increasing by the minute! There are many fish dying by mistaking if for food, or getting caught in it. Large expanses of water (gyres) in our oceans are full of rubbish!

If nothing is done, the issue will certainly become more dangerous for the earth, and maybe our future. Scientists have discovered that this might be more threatening than climate change. This planet is heading for serious trouble. Fishing nets and buoys that are lost in accidents float around until they join the Great Pacific Rubbish Patch. The ocean is not a wasteland.

You should do something about this pollution. A possible solution it to make it that anyone caught doing this should pay a hefty fine. As Prime Minister I expect you to protect NZ. I am extremely concerned about this.
Yours sincerely,

Pt England

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Birthday Time!

Today, is my Grandpa's birthday! On this day, the 2nd of September, he has turned ** years old! (Sorry, I think it's rude to reveal his age to the world.) He has been really great, so he deserves a post all to himself. So here you go Grandpa, have a lovely birthday!

Monday, September 1, 2014

5 km Run

"Do I have to get up?" I groaned. "Yes." replied my mum. Today was a Sunday, and we were doing a fun run at Glendowie College. We arrived early. It took a while for everything to start, so to while the time we played soccer.

Soon everything was ready. The area we were in was buzzing with excitement. A man picked up the microphone and started speaking. Only then did I find out that there were two races. One was 10 km long, and the other was 5 km long. My family was doing the 5 km run.

My parents and sister didn't want to run. They were going to walk. But I was allowed to run. Almost instantly, the race started. I was all the way at the back. But over time I passed more and more people. I was starting to think that I would come 2nd. But as I reached the top of one hill, I was amazed. There was another group way ahead of me. I tried to run faster, but it was hard. I was running my heart out. 

Eventually the end was in sight. There was this boy behind me that was trying to beat me, but he didn't succeed, resulting in me coming 9th place. I was proud. Our school Cross Country is coming soon, and I think I am ready for it!