Monday, September 1, 2014

5 km Run

"Do I have to get up?" I groaned. "Yes." replied my mum. Today was a Sunday, and we were doing a fun run at Glendowie College. We arrived early. It took a while for everything to start, so to while the time we played soccer.

Soon everything was ready. The area we were in was buzzing with excitement. A man picked up the microphone and started speaking. Only then did I find out that there were two races. One was 10 km long, and the other was 5 km long. My family was doing the 5 km run.

My parents and sister didn't want to run. They were going to walk. But I was allowed to run. Almost instantly, the race started. I was all the way at the back. But over time I passed more and more people. I was starting to think that I would come 2nd. But as I reached the top of one hill, I was amazed. There was another group way ahead of me. I tried to run faster, but it was hard. I was running my heart out. 

Eventually the end was in sight. There was this boy behind me that was trying to beat me, but he didn't succeed, resulting in me coming 9th place. I was proud. Our school Cross Country is coming soon, and I think I am ready for it!

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