Saturday, September 27, 2014

Back To The Present #10: Finale

Back To The Present.

#10: Finale
Written & Illustrated by Iisa

I didn’t know what to do. Or say. E.T was gone, for each and everyday. Jordan came back. “You alright? Lee went to explore and Vaifoa went to the bathroom.” “I turned around, remembering E.T’s words. 

I guess you don't understand. I don't want you to understand. As long as you have your friends that believe you can do it, you can do anything. Like me. Don't grovel over my death. For ever and ever, I am E.T Impo.

I begun to walk in the ship when BAM!! It was shot down. I jumped back hastily. “Jordan!” I shouted, not really caring about Vaifoa. The hatch to the ship opened. Out came two aliens. “Who are you?” I asked.

“Why, I am Weqast and this is Verrunkgovle.” replied Weqast in a formal manner. “We have come to enslave you and dominate the world.” “What!?” I replied. I saw their ship pick up the broken ship with Jordan and Vaifoa in it.

“Rrr...” I murmured angrily. “They might be dead.” I thought. The ship started to close me in. I walked back until I hit the wall. “Come on in... We won’t bite.” taunted Verrunkgovle. I looked around, unsure what to do.

“I know!” I said, with a light shining above my head. I grabbed it before it hit me. “Ha ha! Won’t get me this time!” I shouted. I threw the light to the glass of the ship. Then I jumped. “Whee!” I yelled.

I hadn’t planned he landing thoroughly though. I was pummeling towards the ground. “Of course!” I thought. I unzipped my jacket and held onto the sleeves. “Hurrah! Thanks Vaifoa!” I cheered.

It wasn’t enough, though. I splatted onto the hard ground. “Ow...” I groaned, getting up. My left arm was in pain. I scanned the area, hid, and checked my arm again. “Oh dear... It’s broken.” Things were bad.

Jordan and Vaifoa were captured, my arm was broken, and E.T was dead. A green light suddenly shone on me. “You’ve left it to this.” spoke Weqast. “If only E.T were here.” teased Verrunkgovle.

I looked up the dark slender tower. I’ve been climbing before, but this would be a life or death situation. “CLIMB!” I screamed in my head. I started scrambling up the wall. The ship flew up, as if it were a race.

But I didn’t go further. This was the best spot to hide. My foot slipped, and I fell to the bottom. The ship came too. But this time, I was definitely stuck. I had no choice. I jumped, smashed through the window, and started fighting.

Lee came too, and soon we were overpowering the aliens. “Ha ha ha!” shouted Weqast. He picked up a gun.
“One hit and you’ll be incinerated!” He was quick to aim. But before he could pull the trigger, Jordan kicked it, hands behind back, onto the ground. “Not today!” Jordan chortled.

Weqast started battling Jordan who could only use his feet, which enabled me to get the gun. “Goodbye!” I laughed, pulling the trigger. ZAP! Weqast and Verrunkgovle were no more. “What happened?” Vaifoa asked, confused.

“Don’t worry.” assured Jordan. He climbed into the seat, and we were off. Later, we landed back on Earth. Everything was back to normal. We had landed near the internet cafè, just before we took off.

We watched as we left in the time car. “It’s a shame it was destroyed, again.” I said. “But, I need a hot chocolate.” So I bought some for the 4 of us.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” I asked. “You were shrunk, then tasered, fell onto ground et cetera, and you liked it?” asked Lee. “Hey, we saw Rinko!” interrupted Vaifoa. “And almost died there.” replied Jordan.

“This is pointless.” I said. “Let’s go home and play some Monopoly.” “Sure.” the others agreed. “If you guys win, I’ll buy you more hot chocolate.” I promised.

“Sure!” they replied enthusiastically. Lee and Vaifoa got up and walked to my house. I was with Jordan. “And after this,” I said, “We could make the car again!” Jordan looked at me. “You’re crazy.” he said.

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