Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back To The Present #8: Backup Crew

I felt guilty. “Can I call you Impo instead?” I asked.

Back To The Present.

#8: Backup Crew
Written & Illustrated By Iisa

I looked at E.T. “Shoot he’s hurt. What should I say? Why are you green? No that’s racist!” I thought quickly. Soon I found the word. “Extinguisher!” I shouted out loud. “Shoot no!” I thought. “E.T hates them!”

“Uhh... You’re good at flying...” I murmured. “Thanks. I am one of the best.” E.T spoke, grinning. Vaifoa rolled his eyes. “Huh! I could drive better than you anyday E.T!” He snorted.

E.T looked over. It was a challenge. “Get out my ship.” he snapped. “Wha!?” panicked Vaifoa. He grabbed an extinguisher. “Here. Do you want amnesia?”  E.T was shocked. Accidentally, he flew the ship towards a whirlpool. “Oops.” groaned Vaifoa.

The ship was weak, and fell down towards the spinning water of doom. “Halp!” shouted Jordan and Lee. But it was no use. We sank down into the depths of the deep blue sea. “Whee!” I cheered nervously. Nobody looked at me.

Smak! A trout hit the window. Lee hit the window. “Where is my stew-maker?” he asked. E.T bravely searched the buttons. Soon he found a button that would help. He smashed it. The ship soon came on it’s own power and flew. I looked over to Jordan. He looked sick. “Y’know,” I said, “You did get a choice. You chose to come with us.”

“A choice I regret.” replied Jordan rudely. “What cheek!” I spluttered. “That Jordan is too big for his boots!” “Uh Oh...” groaned E.T. “We’re being chased by those other aliens!”

E.T swerved around the rays. He was good. But then they hit us. Just barely. E.T was knocked out. Now no-one was piloting the ship. So I ran to front and took over. I was not really ready. My failure to drive the ship made us dodge the bullets. My mistakes were helping us.

Jordan was shocked. “I don’t feel well...” Vaifoa groaned. An alien hopped on the back of the ship. Lee and I grabbed some fancy schmancy ray guns and took off. The alien was massive. I looked at the ship behind us. “Take care of the ship, Lee!” I shouted as I jumped on the ship.

The ship was dark and slimy. I was petrified. “You should really clean up this place...” I suggested. An alien spotted me. And another. More and more saw me. They slowly approached me.

I tried to run, but my foot hit a rock, and I started to fall over. I was spinning around. I pulled the trigger and held it down. All around me, aliens disintegrated. “Hurrah!” I called out loud. Once they were down, I went to the cockpit. “How do these movie directors know what the inside of an alien U.F.O looks like?” I asked in amazement.

A giant alien stomped in front. “Oh dear...” I groaned. BAM! A giant beam of radioactive rays streamlined through the alien. In shock, I turned around. Jordan was standing there. “Oh yeah.” he smirked.

Jordan and I carried on running. Soon we found the cockpit. “I’ll open the door.” I said, slowly approaching the door. “NO!” shrieked Jordan. He shot the door into smithereens. “Someone should take that away from you.” I scolded.

Jordan had shot the fuel tank. The U.F.O was doomed to blow up. I turned around. “Uhh... Let’s go that way.” I told Jordan. “No!” shouted Jordan. He jumped, slid, and smashed through the window.

“Who do you think you are?” I asked, following. I jumped onto our U.F.O. I was surprised. Lee and Vaifoa did a good job. All of a sudden, Lee shouted out in horror. “Mayday!”  “What!?” hesitated Jordan.

CRASH!! We crash-landed in a steak-store. Nom nom nom... I suddenly heard. I looked behind me. There was Vaifoa eating some steak.

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