Friday, September 12, 2014

Back To The Present #9: I am E.T Impo.

There was Vaifoa eating some steak.

Back To The Present.

#9: I am E.T Impo.
Written & Illustrated by Iisa

“Save me some!” I replied, hungry as. Vaifoa looked over to me. He grinned. “Have this one.” I was about to take a big bite when a Lee jumped and ate the entire steak.

“Oi!” shouted Jordan. “That was my part!” E.T got up, dazed and confused. “What happened?” he asked. So I told him everything. E.T was surprised. “Well well. I never thought the elders would come to kill me.” “Why?” Vaifoa asked innocently.

“Rinko was my homeland. There was an obsidian tower that reached high into the firmament. On top, was where the elders were. When Mitch pressed the button, the explosion must've sent the elders up and away too.”

“Wait...” replied Lee. “Are you sure that the planet blew up? Because you’re here.” E.T was shocked. “My god! You’re right! It may have been the button to let the elders leave!” He walked to the controls. “Let’s go back to Rinko.” he said. We flew off to the distant planet.

We soon landed on Rinko. We all got out, equipped with weapons. There weren’t many aliens. Many aliens suddenly rushed out and started firing at us. “Look!” shouted E.T in surprise. “There’s the button!”

E.T and I rushed to the button. We climbed up with all our might. We were soon at a platform with the button. A giant alien landed in front of us. BAM! It punched E.T and almost threw him past the edge. He grabbed onto the ledge.

I started shooting the alien. Soon I was out of bullets. BAM!! E.T shot the alien’s head right off. “Woah!” I remarked. E.T walked up to the button. “This button will kill everyone that is an alien.” he said. “Even M.J.M?” I asked.

“No.” E.T smiled. “Just our race. That...” “...includes you?” I asked. “Yes.” said E.T. “But I had a good time with you, Mitch and the others. Goodbye.” E.T lifted his finger. “What!? No!” I shouted. E.T took one last glance at me.

“All this happened because I got the bedtime wrong. No matter what contradictions lie here, let it stay.” He pressed the button. "Remember this." he continued. "I guess you don't understand. I don't want you to understand. As long as you have your friends that believe you can do it, you can do anything. Like me. Don't grovel over my death. For ever and ever, I am E.T Impo." I saw all the aliens were beginning to disintegrate. I watched in sorrow. E.T was gone with a smile.

“E.T... died for us.” I groaned. The others came up in the U.F.O. “I-Iisa?” asked Lee. “What’s wrong?” asked Vaifoa. “Let him have some time to himself. C'mon.” replied Jordan. They softly flew away.

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