Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cross Country

"C'mon Iisa, win! We will all be watching you!" spoke Jordan enthusiastically. I rolled my eyes, and replied sarcastically, "Yeah yeah, I'll beat Lee at Cross Country this time!"

Yes, once again, we had cross country. Everyone was bossing me around, saying how I should come first and beat Lee, instead of settling for 2nd. This made me cross, but I couldn't really blame them. I have been coming second after Lee since year 4, even in the inter-zone competitions. So I can see why they wanted change.

Each year as we get older, we have to wait longer before our race starts. But this year Ms V wanted the year 7's to go after the year 5's. That meant after the year 5 boys started, the year 7 boys would go, and then the year 5 girls. The benefit of that for us was that we got to go slightly earlier than usual. Many students would get bored, though. Waiting so long before you run, that would bore me quickly.

But for some of us, we had to lead the little ones around their course. Lee and I, had to lead them as well. So we went up for when they had to run. Lee helped the year 1 girls, and I helped the year 2 girls. Both of them had the same course, meaning that I wouldn't have to run an extra long distance. When the year 2 girls were ready, so was I.

CLAP!! I had to sprint. The small ones were speeding faster than some year 7 boys that I know. I was trying my best to stay in the lead. In the middle, they started to drop behind. As I came to Mr Sommerville, he laughed. "Iisa, it's good to see you in front for a change!" As we neared the end, the girls sped up, while I slowed down.

Now that the race had ceased, I had to wait for our race. "Urh!" I groaned. "They better run fast! Or I’ll suffer from boredom!" Luckily, most of the boys were fast, so our race was soon up. We slowly approached the start line. I don't know why, but I was shaking uncomfortably. It always happened. “You’ll get a good finishing spot. You’ll get a good finishing spot.” I assured myself. But no matter how much I did, I would get more and more tense. The caterpillars in my stomach hatched into butterflies. Just joking, I had butterflies in my stomach.

Mr Burt made sure we were lined up. "Remember," he told us, "Don't stop when you're running. Keep going. Persevere to the end." He put the megaphone down, picked up the starter piece, and CLAP! The race started. We were off.

Everyone would always sprint at the start, which is a bad idea, considering that we would be running 3 km. I took a quick glance across the field. Hala was ahead. He was grinning at us, who were trying so hard to overtake him. Everyone went too fast, at the wrong time.

Things started to cool down, and soon the giant group of running year 7 boys slowly got longer and longer, like someone flattening some dough. I soon found myself in the front with Lee. As I was running with him, I kept having flashbacks of last year when Lee was slowly drooping ahead, until it too late to catch up. To my surprise, I started drooping behind again in the same spot. "No. Not this time." I thought to myself, running to keep up.

This year, we had to run 3 km, meaning that we do 2 laps of the arranged course. Lee and I, being good friends, had conversations to keep occupied. We had a good talk. Soon, the first lap would be done. All the year 8's were there, cheering us on. Mrs King ran up. She told us to run to Mrs Wild. As we did, Mr J told us to run around the start bit first. We did so quickly and were on our way.

The course seemed short. Very short. Before we knew it, we were sprinting past the year 8's again, who seemed like they needed more entertainment. They were quick to spot us. They begun cheering and screaming for us. “Go Iisa! Go Lee!” they cheered. This gave me a bit more encouragement. So I found energy I never knew was there, and kept with Lee.

Everyone was waiting at the line, wondering who will triumph. "We have a conspiracy!" were the words of Mr J as we drew nearer. Putting all my energy in my legs, Lee and I skyrocketed past the line, coming 1st equal. Mrs Flavelle came powerwalking to the wheezing Lee and I. She gave a little growling to Lee about not winning. "Takitimu needs the points, not Mataatua!"

I soon saw what she meant. Following up was Damien, then Jordan and Vaifoa, who came a tie, and then Moses. Next was Peh so, and later Bailee. All those people were from the true green team named Mataatua.
In case you don't know, we are put in house teams when we join this school. The 4 groups are Mataatua (green), Takitimu (Yellow), Tainui (Blue), & Te Arawa (Red). I am in Mataatua, and proud about it.

Lee and I are still good friends, and we are both ready to represent our school in interzone!


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your cross country rivalry with Lee over the last few years, and yesterday was a true highlight. You both ran so well together and it was lovely to watch you decide to cross the line together. I think Mr J was right - a conspiracy indeed.
    Who will triumph at interschool champs Iisa? I can't wait to find out.

  2. Hello Iisa,

    I am Paula Holt, a student at The University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama located in the United States. I have thoroughlly enjoyed reading this post about your cross country experience. I am athletic myself and encourage people to be apart of a team. Even though you and Lee seem to be rivals it is still nice to see that you two have a friendship off the course. It makes me smile knowing that you didn't give up when the running got tough. Most people in your position would have let their body win, but you set your mind to it and overcame the fatigue. Even if it was a tie you are still a winner in my book. Who knows maybe your debut of beating Lee is in the near future. Wish you the best luck in your future cross country meets.

    Paula Holt

    1. Hello Paula,

      I enjoyed reading your comment. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed my recount. One of my goals is to become an athlete like you and get others to be a part of a team as well. Are you rivals with someone that is your friend off the course too? Keep doing an amazing job with your athletics.

      Your's sincerely,

    2. Thank you. I am not apart of any sports at the moment. I am actively looking for something to be apart of. As the years pass by it gets harder to find a league that accommodates my age.