Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Facts about Back To The Present that you never knew

Currently, Back To The Present is my best narrative yet. Here are some facts about it.

And one more thing: All the records are my personal records.

  • It has the most pages than any other at 30. Herobrine's Attack had 17.
  • Back To The Present has the most parts. Herobrine's attack previously had the most at 7, but BTTP has 8. The story was supposed to end at #5, Escape. After taking a look at Herobrine's Attack with 7 parts, it was decided to keep going.
  • The car was re-built in this story, and was destroyed in it too!
  • It had re-introduced the most characters than any other at 4.
  • This marks the first appearance of E.T since E.T part 3. Lee has spoken for the first time since Stranded Pt 4. It would've been his appearance, but he was seen in Herobrine's attack.
  • Herobrine's attack was supposed to mark the last appearance of the time car. The only reason it was re-introduced was because the line "You're crazy." in was wanted to start another. Something had to be chosen to put it in, and Herobrine's Attack had finished. That, honestly, is the only reason the time car is back. And also why Back To The Present exists.
  • The title is a spoof of the 1985 movie Back To The Future.
  • Lee, Iisa, Jordan & Vaifoa are racing the other racers in a game called Speeders. It was a game that I was terrible at it. It was put in to show how annoying other racers can be.
  • Weqast and Verrunkgovle returned to take over the world. That's because they were never defeated in Bad Luck Pt 2. They left it to E.T. This is surprising, because E.T isn't the same type alien. Why would they trust them?
  • When E.T dies, there are 2 different pictures of my reaction. It's pretty similar, except for the background. One has a ender sort background, and the other an orangey-brown one. Both were used.
  • The last line of Back To The Present #10 is the same line that was at the start. It seems fitting that the line that started it all ends it all. Don't you agree?

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