Saturday, September 27, 2014

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs. The World #1

“Can I get a 2 scoop cone?” asked Tommy. “That’s $84.98.” replied Joe. “Why?” asked Tommy. “Because I just saved the world.” answered Joe.

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs. The World

#1: Meet Joe

Joe, is your ordinary Ice-cream man. You’ve had ice cream before, right? Well that’s his job. Joe has a hatred for children, especially the whiny, spoiled ones.

One day he was selling ice cream at a massive game concert. Everyone was watching the rockstars. It was global. Everyone could view it, online and at the destination. Joe wasn’t watching it though. He was selling ice cream to two boys named Tim & Miko.

All of a sudden, everyone who was watching was zapped with green lightning. Joe and the boys weren’t, but they gazed at the zapped people. Some aliens landed on the stage. “Everyone is now under our control.” chuckled one alien. “Get in.” Joe told the boys, still glaring at the aliens.

One spotted them. “Minions, get them!” he shouted. Joe quickly slammed down the cover and hastily scrambled into the drivers seat. It was crowded, with two other people inside.

The people started charging at them. “DRIVE!” screamed Miko. Joe soon got the car speeding down the road. They veered into a stream, covered by tall trees. The sun had set, but there was still light to see. Joe didn’t slow down. He sped up. Soon they returned to the streets.

“Phew.” puffed Joe. “What does this button do?” asked Tim, pressing it. The van’s ice-cream music started. The minions heard it and stared at them. “Stuff you Tim!” screamed Miko. “Oi! You got the double cone but I didn’t!” Tim shouted back.

Joe started speeding again. But the minions were catching up. Thinking hard, Joe soon came up with an idea. “I have an idea.” he said.

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