Sunday, September 7, 2014

The gift

It was a Friday morning. I walked into the staffroom and over to where Mr Burt was. I told him my plan and gave him my paper. Then I went to class.

I left you in suspense! The plan was to give a certain teacher a gift I worked on all week. Soon assembly started. Our class was in the front. Andrew Patterson from Radio Live was there.

When it came to the Duffy Certificates, Mr Burt picked up the gift. He handed it to Mr. Patterson. But instead of just handing it over to the recipient, he read it aloud to the entire school! I was red in the face with embarrassment. The gift was a poem I thought of while lying down in bed, and the recipient was Mrs Tele'a.

When Mr. Patterson read my name out, instantly everyone turned their heads at me. When the poem reading was done, both Mrs Tele'a and I had to come up and go on stage. I now don't feel embarrassed, because I know that I made someone happy.

Here are the lyrics and the poem.
Our lives are amazing,
And you are too.
You can do many things,
like shout out "Woo!"

Our life is great,
but we only have one,
so make the most,
fufill that fun!

So when you're lying down,
You know it's your last day,
You can say "I did it! 
Yay for me! Hooray!"

So don't be lazy,
Do something!
Make sure you'll have a
Happy ending!

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  1. Iisa it's awesome that you carried through to this stage of publishing after being inspired by Paula Green in this year's visit to the Storyline Tour. This is such a good example of following up with your learn, create and share. I was so honoured to have this very poem dedicated to me. Thank you Iisa, this is certainly a Taonga for me. Have a well deserved break Iisa.