Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Explanation Writing - Sleep

 Sleeping is important for the mind and body. Without it, you will be in a dilemma. There are many effects of skipping your bedtime.

 Lack of sleep dumbs you down, impairing your alertness and problem-solving. Second, you won’t be able to remember what you learnt that day, meaning that you are suffering from memory loss. This has negative consequences, as you won’t be able to remember or solve simple questions like 8 + 6. That would be terrible for you.

 Another negative thing about lack of sleep is risk of death. In the Whitehall II Study, British researchers looked at how lack of sleep affected more than 10,000 British servants. The results showed that those who had less sleep nearly doubled their risk of death from all causes. So remember to get lots of sleep.

 Sleeping boosts your immunity. Caught every flu and cold out there this year? Your sleeping habits will have to be blamed. Less sleep disrupts your immune system, so your body finds it harder to fend off disease.

So it’s a good idea to get your sleep in. Not too much; oversleeping can be bad for you! So remember to sleep. Good night!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly Term 4

 An immersion assembly is always held on first day of each term. Each class comes in the hall, and the kids place themselves in their spot. These assemblies are held so that the children find out what the topic for the term is, and what they will be doing. The teachers are often dressed up, and Mr Burt is too.

 Mr Burt first introduces us to the term. After telling us what we’re going to be doing, he tells Team 1 to come up. Team 1 consists of year 1’s and new entrants. Their teachers came up and sat on the stage. Mr J, the deputy principal started painting the beach on a canvas, while the year 1 teachers did things that people would do on a beach. Mrs George said that their team will be going to the beach to draw objects from the environment.

 With Team 1’s item finished, it was Team 2’s turn to come up. Team 2 is the Team with all the year 2’s. Before walking up on stage, they played a movie first. It was about the primary colours, Blue, Red, & Yellow, and what happens when you mix them. The movie was brief, and when it was done the teachers came up. The gave us a mini quiz, and then went down. It was obvious that Team 2 was learning about colours.

 That meant Team 3 was to come up. Team 3, unlike Team 1 and 2, has year 3’s & 4’s. Mrs Barks, the Team leader, told us about some artists. The other teachers were playing those artists. Some facts boggled the students. A man named Andy Warhol made a movie called sleep, which was just 6 hours of someone sleeping! Everyone was drifting asleep, until Mrs Barks said that it was enough, and Team 3 came off the stage.

 Team 4 came up. They teach year 5’s and 6’s. The teachers were dressed up as artists, and Mrs Garden was the host. After introducing all the artists, Monet, Fatu Feu’u, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh, it was time to vote for the favourite artist. The vote count wasn’t accurate, as it only took 3 seconds and the last artist won, even though it had the least cheers. Team 3 will be learning about artists, and so will Team 4.

 The last team to perform was Team 5. Those teachers teach the year 7’s & 8’s, the highest level in the school. They pulled out 3 A2 size canvases, 2 white and one black. A movie started playing while they painted on it. No one could figure out what it was, until they were finished. That was when they turned the paintings around as the pictures were  upside-down. Surprisingly they were portraits of Mr Burt, Mr Jacobsen, & Mrs Jarman. Everyone was astonished! It could only mean one thing. Team 5 were going to be doing art.

 Finally, Mrs Tele’a and Mrs Vaafusuaga came up. They had a brief talk about tattoo art and colours. Once they finished, Mr Burt came up concluded the immersion assembly for term 4. Term 4 would be all about art and artists. It fits the title ‘Art Attack’.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Describe these pictures

Here I will describe some pictures I found and took.

The park is empty. No-one is around any more, they're busy snuggling up underneath their blankets. The park light is the only thing with light in this picture. The park may be getting wet, but it knows that tomorrow the sun will shine again.

The sun is setting after a long day's work of shining. From a distance it looks like the sky is ablaze. People have finished up for the day. They're in their houses sleeping or channel surfing. The sun has gone to sleep. But it will rise again the next morning.

The volcano erupted violently. The colour of the lava was glowing in red, orange and yellow colours. The lava came spewing out of the volcano like fireworks. This was contrasting with the dark night sky.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Lego photo

From Left to Right
Back Row: Isara, Kaycee, Wyatt, Eric
Middle Row: Vaifoa, Gloria, Jorja, Lee
Front Row: Faauia, Me, Jordan
Here is a picture of some Lego people. But they're special people, who are they?

They're my friends! I made it all, set it all up, and took the photo too. Underneath the photo is a caption. That tells you who's who. Can you fine me?

The green in the background is my room wall. Unfortunately renovations haven't finished, so I had to put it on top of two books. If you look closely, you can see the cover of one book underneath the tissue.

The book is Dairy of A Wimpy Kid #8. And yes, I did use a tissue. I only had a few minutes before I had to leave home, so problems had to be fixed. The camera had to be on a massive book, and one person in the back row is standing. That was because you couldn't see his head with him sitting down. I had written the message with pencil on the paper, but it was so thick and blurry, you couldn't read it! So I edited it, and then took a screen shot of that.

But the hassle was worth it. Now, I have a cool picture of my friends, Lego style!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs The World #3

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs The World

#3: Premium Flavour!

 “Niko ditched Miko! Niko ditched Miko!” chuckled Tim. “For your information,” grumbled Miko, “Niko went all ‘Bear Grills’ and decided to live seperately. When he moved house, he came back.” “And?” replied Tim.
 “He has powers now.”
 “That’s not special.”
 “It is.”
 “Not enough.”
 “Well anyway,”
 “Niko and his best friend Jake met a weird old man named Hagura, and then got super powers.”
 “Your point?”
 “They still have it...” “True that.” replied two very familiar voices.

Joe, Tim, & Miko turned around in shock. Floating in the air were two heroes of a different story. “Niko... Jake...” stuttered Miko. “You aren’t the same.” That was true. Both had green glowing eyes, and a green aura.

They were smiling too, but you could tell that it was a devious grin. “Not you too..!” Tim looked at the ‘gems’. It was just glass. “The aliens must’ve taken the amulet and used it to poison them!” he whispered to Joe. “Come with us Miko. And Tim. Join forces.” said Niko. “Y-you... YOU AREN’T MY BROTHER ANYMORE!!!” shouted Miko. He ran.

Joe and Tim quickly glanced at each other, and started running too. Niko flew and grabbed Tim, and Jake grabbed Miko. “Seems like we must force you.” mumbled Jake.

They never grabbed Joe. So he ran to his ice cream truck. The ice cream and minions were gone. The truck was still out of petrol. “I better get it going.” he said to himself. “Wait.” he ran to the freezer in the back. There was the premium flavour. He took two litres of it.

Next he poured it in the petrol-insert place. He hopped into the drivers seat, and hit the pedal. VROOM!! The car went nearly as fast as the time car. “Whee!” Joe laughed. In no time he found himself slowly rolling behind Niko and Jake. Not really, all of them were going really fast.

Soon they entered the stadium again. There was the aliens, making a mind control possession machine. Joe saw Tim and Miko getting taken to there. Miko was crying. “You can’t be like this Niko!” he cried. Niko said nothing. He just sighed.

The sun was well past down now. Joe had to do something.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs. The World #2: I Scream Ice Cream!

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs. The World

#2: I Scream Ice Cream!

 “What is it?” asked Tim. “Get to the back,” answered Joe, “and then open the door. Next, Get the ice-cream maker to make ice-cream, but send it out the door.” Miko ran to the back, leaving Joe and Tim together in the front. “You too.” said Joe.

 Tim joined Miko, who was having some trouble. “What do we do now?” asked Miko. “You open the door! The one that I serve ice-cream out of!” Tim opened it. Miko started pouring ice cream out. The minions were slowed down in it.

 “I scream ice cream!” shouted Tim in delight. Miko smiled too. The minions started eating the ice cream. “I wish I were them.” groaned Miko. His smile slowly dropped into a frown.

The minions could not move any more. Neither could the ice-cream truck. It had run out of petrol. Joe and the boys ran out. More minions came. "This way!" directed Tim. "Into the woods!" So they did. They found a blown-up cabin around no trees. "Look!" shouted Joe, " Some green gems!"

"Oh yeah," said Miko. "I have a elder brother named Niko.... who fought Jaera... who now has super powers..." "Didn't he have no siblings?" replied Tim. "He ran away...." said Miko sadly.

Out About Without

This is a very late post. Why? There was no internet. Why wasn't there internet? Because there was no power!

Most of you in Auckland may have gone through this. For my family, we had 2 days without power. Because renovations is going on in our house, half the week Mariam and I had to sleep at our Grandma's house. Now we had to spend another 2 days there. I'm not complaining, as my cousins were there too.

Today the power had returned, meaning that we had to go back. And a good thing too! Mitch & Rory went to their friends house, Mariam went with her friends, leaving Ryan & I home with Holly!

When we came back, it took me about 17 seconds to realize that the power was back on. I'm glad of it now, because it means that I can blog again!