Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly Term 4

 An immersion assembly is always held on first day of each term. Each class comes in the hall, and the kids place themselves in their spot. These assemblies are held so that the children find out what the topic for the term is, and what they will be doing. The teachers are often dressed up, and Mr Burt is too.

 Mr Burt first introduces us to the term. After telling us what we’re going to be doing, he tells Team 1 to come up. Team 1 consists of year 1’s and new entrants. Their teachers came up and sat on the stage. Mr J, the deputy principal started painting the beach on a canvas, while the year 1 teachers did things that people would do on a beach. Mrs George said that their team will be going to the beach to draw objects from the environment.

 With Team 1’s item finished, it was Team 2’s turn to come up. Team 2 is the Team with all the year 2’s. Before walking up on stage, they played a movie first. It was about the primary colours, Blue, Red, & Yellow, and what happens when you mix them. The movie was brief, and when it was done the teachers came up. The gave us a mini quiz, and then went down. It was obvious that Team 2 was learning about colours.

 That meant Team 3 was to come up. Team 3, unlike Team 1 and 2, has year 3’s & 4’s. Mrs Barks, the Team leader, told us about some artists. The other teachers were playing those artists. Some facts boggled the students. A man named Andy Warhol made a movie called sleep, which was just 6 hours of someone sleeping! Everyone was drifting asleep, until Mrs Barks said that it was enough, and Team 3 came off the stage.

 Team 4 came up. They teach year 5’s and 6’s. The teachers were dressed up as artists, and Mrs Garden was the host. After introducing all the artists, Monet, Fatu Feu’u, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh, it was time to vote for the favourite artist. The vote count wasn’t accurate, as it only took 3 seconds and the last artist won, even though it had the least cheers. Team 3 will be learning about artists, and so will Team 4.

 The last team to perform was Team 5. Those teachers teach the year 7’s & 8’s, the highest level in the school. They pulled out 3 A2 size canvases, 2 white and one black. A movie started playing while they painted on it. No one could figure out what it was, until they were finished. That was when they turned the paintings around as the pictures were  upside-down. Surprisingly they were portraits of Mr Burt, Mr Jacobsen, & Mrs Jarman. Everyone was astonished! It could only mean one thing. Team 5 were going to be doing art.

 Finally, Mrs Tele’a and Mrs Vaafusuaga came up. They had a brief talk about tattoo art and colours. Once they finished, Mr Burt came up concluded the immersion assembly for term 4. Term 4 would be all about art and artists. It fits the title ‘Art Attack’.

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