Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs. The World #2: I Scream Ice Cream!

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs. The World

#2: I Scream Ice Cream!

 “What is it?” asked Tim. “Get to the back,” answered Joe, “and then open the door. Next, Get the ice-cream maker to make ice-cream, but send it out the door.” Miko ran to the back, leaving Joe and Tim together in the front. “You too.” said Joe.

 Tim joined Miko, who was having some trouble. “What do we do now?” asked Miko. “You open the door! The one that I serve ice-cream out of!” Tim opened it. Miko started pouring ice cream out. The minions were slowed down in it.

 “I scream ice cream!” shouted Tim in delight. Miko smiled too. The minions started eating the ice cream. “I wish I were them.” groaned Miko. His smile slowly dropped into a frown.

The minions could not move any more. Neither could the ice-cream truck. It had run out of petrol. Joe and the boys ran out. More minions came. "This way!" directed Tim. "Into the woods!" So they did. They found a blown-up cabin around no trees. "Look!" shouted Joe, " Some green gems!"

"Oh yeah," said Miko. "I have a elder brother named Niko.... who fought Jaera... who now has super powers..." "Didn't he have no siblings?" replied Tim. "He ran away...." said Miko sadly.

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