Thursday, October 9, 2014

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs The World #3

Joe The Ice Cream Man Vs The World

#3: Premium Flavour!

 “Niko ditched Miko! Niko ditched Miko!” chuckled Tim. “For your information,” grumbled Miko, “Niko went all ‘Bear Grills’ and decided to live seperately. When he moved house, he came back.” “And?” replied Tim.
 “He has powers now.”
 “That’s not special.”
 “It is.”
 “Not enough.”
 “Well anyway,”
 “Niko and his best friend Jake met a weird old man named Hagura, and then got super powers.”
 “Your point?”
 “They still have it...” “True that.” replied two very familiar voices.

Joe, Tim, & Miko turned around in shock. Floating in the air were two heroes of a different story. “Niko... Jake...” stuttered Miko. “You aren’t the same.” That was true. Both had green glowing eyes, and a green aura.

They were smiling too, but you could tell that it was a devious grin. “Not you too..!” Tim looked at the ‘gems’. It was just glass. “The aliens must’ve taken the amulet and used it to poison them!” he whispered to Joe. “Come with us Miko. And Tim. Join forces.” said Niko. “Y-you... YOU AREN’T MY BROTHER ANYMORE!!!” shouted Miko. He ran.

Joe and Tim quickly glanced at each other, and started running too. Niko flew and grabbed Tim, and Jake grabbed Miko. “Seems like we must force you.” mumbled Jake.

They never grabbed Joe. So he ran to his ice cream truck. The ice cream and minions were gone. The truck was still out of petrol. “I better get it going.” he said to himself. “Wait.” he ran to the freezer in the back. There was the premium flavour. He took two litres of it.

Next he poured it in the petrol-insert place. He hopped into the drivers seat, and hit the pedal. VROOM!! The car went nearly as fast as the time car. “Whee!” Joe laughed. In no time he found himself slowly rolling behind Niko and Jake. Not really, all of them were going really fast.

Soon they entered the stadium again. There was the aliens, making a mind control possession machine. Joe saw Tim and Miko getting taken to there. Miko was crying. “You can’t be like this Niko!” he cried. Niko said nothing. He just sighed.

The sun was well past down now. Joe had to do something.

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