Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Out About Without

This is a very late post. Why? There was no internet. Why wasn't there internet? Because there was no power!

Most of you in Auckland may have gone through this. For my family, we had 2 days without power. Because renovations is going on in our house, half the week Mariam and I had to sleep at our Grandma's house. Now we had to spend another 2 days there. I'm not complaining, as my cousins were there too.

Today the power had returned, meaning that we had to go back. And a good thing too! Mitch & Rory went to their friends house, Mariam went with her friends, leaving Ryan & I home with Holly!

When we came back, it took me about 17 seconds to realize that the power was back on. I'm glad of it now, because it means that I can blog again!

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