Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Athletics 2014

Friday. To end an eventful week, we had athletics. Everyone was shining with excitement. For many students it was their first time, but for others it was their 7th or 8th time. Mr Burt and Mrs Va'afusuaga started off with the normal introduction, then moved on to the activities. The year 7 boys had Mrs Tele’a as their adult leader.

The year sixes were going off to camp next week, so the year 7’s & 8’s were doing all the fun games first. All of these games would not lead into interzone, they were just so they’d have fun. There were games like tug-of-war, sack race, skipping, and hurdles.

All the seniors had an enjoyable time playing around. But soon after, the year 7 boys reached the serious things. Shot put, running, and high jump. Because the morning started off the wet, the year 7 boys were behind schedule. And because they were behind, they were going to miss out on some sports.

Shot put was already proven to be tough. Quickly, many people were shown to have a hard time pushing the ball a few meters. If they couldn’t make it, then they’d be moved down to a different set which was easier for them. After a short time, the top three year 7 boy shot putters were found. So then they progressed onto high jump.

It started at about 1 meter high. Those who could not make the jump had to go to a lower one, which was similar to shot put. There were some good jumpers in there. Some of them could jump much higher than a meter. Maybe even over... 2 meters? But as time progressed on, high jump soon came down to it’s top 3.

There was no time for sprints, as 3:00 had already come. So athletics were to continue on Monday. But Monday was wet, so the date was moved to next Monday. But the year 7 and 8 students had it on Tuesday. For them, only a few sports activities were left. The year 7 boys only had sprints left, so it made sense for them to start sprinting first.

There were a lot of fast people in that group. Some could achieve 100 meters in 13 seconds! It was indisputable. Some people were really fast. Mrs McMillan and Mrs Flavelle were in charge of marking the fastest runners. It must’ve been hard for them. Some people in front by centimeters... sounds difficult.

Soon after, athletics finished. The year 4’s & 5’s will still have to come and finish everything off, but the year 7 and 8 students wont!

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  1. Hi Iisa,

    I think this is a really good piece of writing. It has alot of great vocab. I hope you had alot of fun at athletics like I did.