Sunday, November 2, 2014

Auckland Museum Trip 2014 Take 2!

When looking for historic items from our country and other Pacific countries, the museum is a good place to go. Opened in November 28th, 1929, Auckland Museum is a fun place for families too. Schools often go on field trips to the Museum to learn about New Zealand.

On Tuesday the 28th of October, the day after Labour Day, the year seven students from Pt England went to the Museum to learn more about Māori and Pasifika art, as the Term Inquiry is Art Attack. Everyone was excited. The year 8’s were on camp, meaning that the year 7 students got to go without them.

Upon arrival, the students were allowed to eat their morning tea. When they finished, they went to the Māori art gallery. In the middle of the museum was a big waka. Around it were different uses of harakeke. You could see bags, mats, poi, and many more items. One of the items was a ball. Like a soccer ball. The students were then asked to draw some items.

Soon the students left the gallery, and moved on to the Pacific gallery. There were 6 sections, each with different items. There was the Samoan section, a Tongan section, a Niuean section, a Cook Islands one, and the Gods & leaders section. Another task the students had to do was draw something from one of those sections. The Tongan and Samoan sections were the most popular, as majority of the students went there to draw.

There wasn’t much time for drawing, so after a few minutes the teachers and parents took the students to the entrance to have lunch. Like the time in the Pacific Gallery, lunch was short. The students had one last task, which was to take specific photos of objects like the domain, statues and trees. All around the museum you could see people in red and black spread out, posing and walking.

Everyone finished soon after, and by then the buses had arrived. The students, teachers, and parent helpers seated themselves out. When the buses arrived back at school, everyone was longing for a nap. Luckily the day was pretty much finished, so the students packed up, thanked the helpers, and waited a wee while before the bell rung. When it did, the day was over, meaning that they could go home. The museum trip was certainly an enjoyable experience.

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