Sunday, November 2, 2014

Global Warming

Global Warming is when the carbon dioxide from cars, planes, and trains go up into the atmosphere and sticks. When the sun’s heat goes down onto Earth, it reflects of the earth’s surface and back to space. But some heat stays on Earth due to the CO2. Sea level rise is one of the negatives that come with it.

Sea level rise is when the lasting heat from the sun starts melting ice caps and the poles. Ice is simply water with a temperature below zero, meaning that if it’s too hot, it will melt. And the water will cause the sea to rise. Low lying countries like Belgium and Norway will be in danger of flooding, and in 2030 they may not even be on the map anymore.

Global Warming are also melting glaciers. This will come with a big impact, because many millions of people depend on fresh water supplied each year by these glaciers as they provide drinking water. Without these glaciers, agriculture may fail. The oceans aren’t good for drinking water, and Global Warming is thought to be affecting them too!

The extra CO2 in the atmosphere is getting absorbed by the oceans, lowering it’s pH. A pH is the acidity or alkaline in a liquid. 7 is normal, but go below and it’s acidic. Go above 7 and it’s a basic or alkaline. With our oceans absorbing this extra CO2, it could have a major effect on the food chain and our food.

Can we prevent Global Warming from happening? It’s possible, but it means that we must use ways of travel like walking and riding a bike. Cutting down car and train travel is a great thing to do for an anti Global Warming world. We have one Earth, so let’s make it last.

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