Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stickmen - 2 year anniversary

2 years of Stickmen! I am so proud! So to celebrate, I'll carry on working on them. I had planned to finish on 22, and resign, but 25 stories... well...

3 more stories will come out! Like I did with Minecraft Pt 2, I will spill some secrets about Stickmen 22.

There will be some major references. One is the iLoLed. A made-up phone by me, the iLoLed causes Emeta to go deeply depressed. A star appears, too. Bear Gryils is the fantastic movie star. He causes Olivia to swoon over him. Miko seems to be the only one unaffected, as Darfol freaks out after seeing a 'Bear'. 

That's all I'll tell you now. Stickmen 22 will come out soon! But for now, does anyone wanna play Mortal Combat?

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