Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Stickmen Characters

There are many people in my Stickmen Comics, but there are only a few main characters. This post is all about them.

Miko is the main stickmen of all the stories. In the picture he is the one holding the video game, Mortal Combat.
  • Miko didn't appear in Stickmen 1. He appeared in Stickmen 3, the first one made.
  • Miko is engaged to Olivia. Despite being the strongest character, Olivia can make him really scared.
  • Miko has hair. In the picture shown, he has none, but in Stickmen 24-25 he is shown to have hair.
Darfol is Miko's sidekick. He is unsecure person, often being scared by Olivia.
  • Miko gave Darfol his hat, a souvenir from his first battle. But Darfol replaced it, making Miko mad.
  • But he changed his hat after a dragon ate it.
  • Darfol was once attacked by chickens. This is one of the reasons that he is so unsecure.
Emeta is Darfol's girlfriend. She is a competitive girl, often beating Olivia in Mortal Combat. In the picture, she is the girl.
  • Beating Olivia caused a plane to crash. Olivia got so mad that she smashed Emeta's face through a window.
  • Emeta was going to be a boy. She was going to be named Emett. But a spelling error caused her to be a boy.
And Olivia is Miko's fiancée. Also appearing in the first comic, here is some trivia.
  • After being beaten by Emeta at Mortal Combat, Olivia smashed Emeta's face through the plane's window, causing the plane to crash.
  • Olivia swoons over Bear Drills, causing trouble between her and Miko.
  • Olivia is actually the first girl to comment Emeta. Before that, Emeta was a depressed, angry girl.
And that is the info of all the Stickmen Characters!

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