Monday, November 10, 2014

Test Writing - Unedited

Para 1: What good friends are
Para 2: Bad friends
Para 3: Fairweather friends
Para 4: How to treat friends
Para 5: Why friends are important


Friends. What are they? Are they people who mock or bully their friend? Are they rich and famous people? Do they know everything? To answer all those questions, read ahead. A friend is...

A friend is someone who has an interest in hanging out with their friends. They aren’t usually rich, but they are reliable. Good friends stand up for their friend, and they’re fun to interact with. A true friend will always believe in their friend, and that their friend has the potential to do anything. These people can be anywhere. All around may be people with the potential to become best friends! But there may also be people who may ruin their friends future.

Those people are bad friends. Bad friends also like to hang out with their friends, but they make the wrong choices very often. If something happens and one of them gets hurt, they may tease and laugh at them, rather than helping them. There are another type of bad friends, which are called ‘fairweather friends’.

Fairweather friends only hang out with their ‘friends’ when they have money. They tell the person what to do with the money, which often ends up being bad things. Usually they influence the person to get items like drugs. They hang out with the person, until the money disappears. By then, those friends will have disappeared. Or if the friend is in trouble, they vanish immediately, leaving the friend to face the music all alone. These people do not know how to treat others nicely.

Friends should always treat each other nicely. If they are treated badly, they will soon leave for different friends. If a friend is getting hurt or being teased, the best thing to do is to stand up for them. That tells the friend that they have chosen the right companion, and that they have a great bond. Empathising and sympathising with your friend is also a great way to show that things are working out. It shows loyalty, kindness, and good characteristics. Good friends are always important, just like family.

Family is a compulsory thing to have, and so are good friends. They may not know everything, or have everything, but they know how to take care and share. Good characteristics and loyalty is what it takes to know that the companionship and fun will last for ages. Many lonely people end up living terrible lives. But people with even just one true friend may never become lonely.

Bad friends and fairweather friends are not cool. Even if they are rich, or know many things, if they don’t know how to treat people nicely, they cannot be true friends. Loyalty, kindness, love, humor, and good characteristics are the things that every good friend must have. Only ones like that can be called, ‘good friends’.

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