Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Hole

“Hmmm...” wondered Darfol. “David, this ground feels weak. Tell Emma right away.” Darfol inspected the dent. There was something strange about this dent. Something terrible.

Emma and David soon arrived. Emma looked around before Darfol told her the mess. Emma looked down. “There’s a supercollider down there. Maybe that’s the problem. David pulled out his phone. “We must leave now!” he shouted.

“Why?” asked Darfol. “Th-there is a-a black hole down there!” David shouted. Emma and Darfol quickly got in, while David hastily put his phone in his pocket.

The ground started to twirl and sink. Water was slowly pouring in. The speed of the water was increasing slowly as the hole got bigger. Trees were slowly getting pulled in.

“Um...” said Emma, “I think we should... DRIVE!” “I am!” replied David. Everything was pouring into this massive hole. Darfol set some dynamite and placed it in the boot. BOOM!! They were flung away.

“Phew.....” gasped David. The hole was sucking everything in quite slowly, so there was a lot of time before the Earth was gone. They soon reached a petrol station. VWOOP! It was sucked in. “Woah!” shouted David. A spaceship was getting sucked in.

They climbed in as it neared the ground. “Wait.” said Emma. “Hand me my phone. This will make a great selfie!” ”الفتيات غريبة” replied Darfol. The hole would not stop getting bigger. Desperate for survival, they left the atmosphere. “Aah, Earth.” said David, looking at the slightly warped Earth. “If only you were denser.”

They watched as the moon was sucked in with the Earth. Earth was gone. It slowly devoured the neighbouring planets, then the sun, and kept going. Emma was shocked. What could stop this muncher? Darfol thought of something as the hole sucked up the galaxy.

“I know!” he said. He grabbed an astronaut’s suit. A planet blew up in the window, and the explosion was sucked in. “We need to sacrifice someone. What we do; hook someone onto the mini supercollider on that magnet which is at the end of the rope.” Emma and David looked at him, confused.

“And then make our own black hole to yank the galaxies out!” Darfol smiled. “Okay,” replied David, “You go.” “No, Darfol angrily replied. The two got into an argument. Emma yanked two suits over and onto the two, and shoved them out onto the giant magnet.

David started the mini supercollider. A small black hole soon formed. Emma lowered the magnet into the black hole. “I’m the only living thing left.” Emma stuttered. The small black hole started to tug everything with it. Emma was starting to lift the magnet out, but it was stuck.

After a great deal of tugging, Emma managed to get the universe out. But instead of carrying on and getting away from the hole, Emma stayed. Then everything was sucked back in. “D’oh!” Emma shouted, as the entire universe was sucked in.

The trio left the small black hole in peace, and went back to Earth. Everything was normal. Nothing seemed to be wrong. “Aah.” David and Darfol simultaneously sighed in relief. No-one seemed angry or confused about the fact that they were now in a black hole.

David and Darfol were driving around the countryside, when they reached the spot above the supercollider. They heard a mush. Darfol got out. “Hmmm...” Darfol thought, “David, this ground feels weak. Tell Emma right away.”

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