Saturday, January 3, 2015

10 things about me!

There are many things about me, but if I wrote all of it down this post would be about 92 pages long. So, here are 10 things about me!

#1. I love my family. My parents take us on these cool trips, my grandparents are really kind and loving, just like my parents. And my sister is someone who I find annoying, but deep down will always love her.

#2. Food is something else I love, along with music, technology, sports, getting outside, watching TV, and playing games. Fast food restaurants are providers of some of my favourite foods, but it can't beat my mums home-made meals.

#3. I'm not one to keep up with the latest trends. So my music may be a little old,(?) boring? But it's my music which I like. Music I've loved since my infant years.

#4. Soccer an handball are my favourite games. They're even better when I'm playing with my friends and family.

#5. Minecraft. Can you guess the rest? I'm a huge Minecraft fan. I wrote 20+ posts about it! I haven't played it in a while, as I'm very busy doing things like sleeping.

#6. I value sleeping very much. But, I find that my sleeping schedule is to Australian time. I wake up at 7:00 and get tired at 9:00 Australian time, which is 10:00 and 12:00 NZ time.

#7. I like to write, as shown by all my blogposts, but until a certain year I was behind in writing.

#8. After drawing a picture for Back To The Present #6: Get The Gummy Bears, I have liked the colour yellow with a green background, as shown here.

#9. In year 6, 64 used to be my favourite number, as that was the maximum number of blocks of the same type you could stack in one heap in Minecraft. Minecraft is my favourite game still, but my favourite number has changed.

#10. Miko and Darfol, the main characters of the Stickmen Comics, are based on Jordan and I. Two years ago, Jordan and I had similar adventures, but they were all imaginary. To celebrate the good times, I brought back the farcical duo.

And that is 10 things about me! Bye!

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