Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Only does my family know this, but since late December yesteryear, a girl named Jessica and her mother aunty Mel came over. Jessica was only a year and 5 days younger than me. We had lots of fun when we came over to their house, or when they came over to our house.

One day, I was bored, and I spotted an app on the computer. I clicked on it and moved out the way, to make it look like I never clicked on it. It was "Five Night's At Freddys." Jess and I wouldn't click the 'New Game' icon.

Mariam excitedly clicked it, and soon Jess and I were playing the game over and over, despite the fact it was a horror game. Mariam and Ryan got in the action too, and soon we were finding conspiracy theories and FNAF 2.

It was really fun to have Jess around. We did things like showdowns, dodgeball on trampolines, sleepovers, and even Jessica's company was good. Unfortunately, yesterday was their last day in New Zealand. According to Jessica, the next time we'll see her, I'll be 17 years old. 

Jessica, you are one relative I won't forget. Your reactions to Five Nights At Freddys and other things will be remembered, not forgotten. See you soon.

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  1. Sounds like you two were Trouble (note the capital T !). I am so pleased you had a fun companion for the holidays Iisa.
    See you soon

    Mrs Burt