Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wrong Road #2: For People 9+

Maybe the other road would've taken us to 1985. "Wrong road." I said.

Wrong Road

#2: For people 9+
No, seriously.

All of us knew something was wrong. We heard a massive crack. Vaifoa ran back through the red mist. “Blue squid with bleeding red eyes got Jordan! And, lava is coming through these cracks! RUN!” he shouted.

We turned around, but the car was sinking in Lava. VWOOSH! A car roared past us. It was zapped from another dimension, like our car. It was going at around 5000 km/h too. It looked like our car, and as it passed a page fell out.

I picked it up before it could catch fire from anything. Lee and Vaifoa looked over my shoulder. Something looked wrong. 4 people, with big, creepy smiles. On their shirts were names. Lee, Vaifoa and Jordan. There was one in a car. We all guess that was me.

Lee looked like he was shielding his eyes from the sunlight. Vaifoa stared at us. With a big, crooked smile. My photo looked like Vaifoa’s, but not close up, and you could only see the head.

You could see 2 toppled rectangles, which I’m guessing were buildings, and at the front was what looked like fire. The drawings were shoddy, kinda like they were drawn 26.7 seconds before being dropped by us.

But Jordan's drawing was the worst. It had someone looking straight, like he was looking at us, scribbled hair, giant, white, pupiless, eyes. With that was a smile so very creepy.

Underneath the drawings was a title. "OUR GANG - Iisa, Lee, Vaifoa, Jordan" it said. I instantly dropped the paper into the lava. "No... It can't be..." I stuttered. "We're in an opposite world!"

I looked at the direction that the car went to. It was the same spot that Vaifoa came running out. I had one last thought before heading there with Lee and Vaifoa. "Please, please don't let them be like in the picture..."

The second we entered the mist, we ran. We ran, trying our very best to contain any screams. Lee ran into someone. It was a boy, no older than 6. The scene was disgusting. Jordan ran past us. “Run you idiots! That squid is on a killing rampage!” We listened and ran.

Finally, we exited the red mist. We soon saw the car. 3 people got out. I heard their conversation. “Yep. Boss, you stay here. We’ll go find those imposters. I’m glad we manipulated time for us to rule.”

I was scared. We managed to sneak past our opposites to the car. We were behind the car when evil Jordan turned around, smiling with giant, white, pupiless, eyes.

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