Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lost At Sea

Imagine you are a crew member, leaving your shore for the first day of the voyage. What you would have done? These are my Diary Entries for that, along with a checklist of what I'd bring.

Day 1

Today, is a special day. This day is when I voyage alone to the abyss and beyond. I do not know if I shall ever return from this vast ocean. I said my final goodbyes to my friends and family. My life shall never be the same after this.

I got onto the boat. The final items were packed on. Multiple emotions were surging through me, I was shaking! The waka started moving. We were off.

What awaits? I don’t know. I just can’t wait to sail the deep blue abyss.

Day thirty:
You have been on the waka for 30 days now...what may you be feeling now?  
What are you now looking forward to?

Day 30

Oh dear. Another fishing line broke today. We’ve been through storms, shark and octopus attacks, low water, flooding, no sleep, and famine! This trip has taken a sharp turn for the worst, I don’t think we’ll ever survive.

I am not very pleased with the way things are turning out, but this is for the sake of adventuring, I did expect this though! I have been sealing this in a bottle for the last few nights in case something happens to us.

The clouds have been blocking the stars for every single night so far, so we don’t know if we’re on course or not. I am starting to doubt the fact that there is any land around. If something good doesn’t happen soon, then.... goodbye.

The Polynesians
Read this article.   
Task: Write up a ‘Checklist’ of things that the crew members need to possess for a successful voyage. Start at the physical through to the behavioural - values.



First Aid Kit
Life Jackets
Fishing Kit
Spare Food
Team Spirit


Explorers Of The Sunrise Reading Task

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Top 3 Holiday Highlights

I found my holiday very enjoyable. My 3 top highlights of the holiday was...

Meeting my cousin Jessica. Earlier in the year I have published a post about her. Yeah, Jessica, you were one heck of a cousin. I would like to see her sooner than 2019. I want to show her Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 when it comes out!

Another highlight was Christmas. Again, there was another post talking about it on my blog, so to find out more you can go there. One particular highlight of the 25th of December was when we went to Valentines for lunch. Usually, I go fo little bits of food. But when we are at Valentines, I’ll go for the big ones.

My last highlight would have to be going to Australia. You could say that this one wasn’t really in the holidays, as we left on the 15th of December. But a week later, on the 22nd of December we came back. We had a lot of fun there, like going to dreamworld, Waterworld, and the Currumbin Wildlife Park. Yes, we did have a lot of fun there, but my most enjoyable point there was coming home to my friends and family.

And so there you have it! Those holidays were awesome! Maybe next holiday I can try to get that accomplished... again!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Happy Birthday me! Do you know what day it is? It's my birthday!

I am now a 12 year old year 8 Prefect that attends Pt England School. I feel young for year 8, but luckily there's Mary, who's younger than me.

It has been tradition for my family to make cupcakes and bring them to school on the date of Mariam or my B-days. My mum always make them. Mum always make them so heavenly delicious.

Today was probably where the tradition ended, which is pretty sad. Also, this will be the last birthday with my Pt England classmates. But, this marks 8 years now at Pt England. 

This day has marked some happy and sad things, but I won't let that drag me down. I mean, it's my birthday!

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Volume 22, you may be the
last stickmen comic ever.
I have been contemplating ever since volume 19 of The Stickmen Comics was finished, and this was about retirement. I was thinking about finishing at Volume 20, but decided to stop at Volume 25.

But recent thinking has said otherwise. When my family was on the plane leaving Australia, I drew a small strip based on a Calvin and Hobbes strip, and this sparked the Stickmen Strips.

So now I have to maintain both series, which I find nearly impossible, as I'm a Prefect, so I have to do my other jobs too. So retirement at Volume 22? Most likely. I mean, I could really be the end, as the final scene is the 4 characters walking towards the sunset, with Miko saying "Let's go home."

Before my family vacation to Aussie, I had started Volume 23. But that had many faults in it. Some was about age, and Vernon's inventions were just plain creepy. And #3, Miko and Olivia both at one point had badly drawn faces, and by badly I mean...

In the final strip of the Stickmen Strips, it is implied that Darfol is 18. Miko is a year older, making him 18, and the girls are 17 years old. Now if you read what was of Volume 23, you would be confused.

But now enough of Volume 23, Book 1 of the Stickmen Strips is finished, and already I am working on Book 2, so to carry on is unlikely, but still on the list.

I plan to finish the Stickmen Series by the end of year 8, so the decision must be made soon. Miko, sorry to say this, but your adventures will come to an end soon. But, they won't be forgotten.

My Visual Mihi

This is my 3rd and final Visual Mihi here. I have made 2 other mihi's, both titled 'Life Symbols'. Unlike the other two, this one wasn't published on flickr, because this was done in class.

The top right one is my hobbies. I make Stickmen Comics in my spare time, or play Minecraft or Lego. See the potato? That represents my randomness.

Underneath that is my favourite food - Chicken. Chicken has been my favourite food for 3 years now. Heck, it was even in the Stickmen Comics!

On the right to that, is of course New Zealand. My family comes from South Africa, but I was born in New Zealand.

And in the top right corner, is a picture resembling one of my most favourite things to do. Learn. Yes yes, I do like to learn.

And in the middle is me! I had to have a picture that showed my love for animation, and I did it! I am a Prefect now, so I will have to step up to everything.

So here you go! My 3rd and final Visual Mihi!


Week 1 of Term 1 2015 has just finished, and we are all getting ready for Waitangi Day and next week. But I can't wait until the 9th. On the 17th of December last year, he went with his family to go see his dad. Man, the things we did last year together.

If you read the creepy story, then you'd probably know what deprived Jordan and I of sleep for 3 weeks. Ah yes, I warned him, but not myself. In the end, we are still trying to catch up on those 3 weeks of sleep.

Jordan always had the best sportsmanship in handball. If he got out, he'd leave without arguing or anything, while the rest of us would argue over who what why. He was really good at handball, both in playing and sportsmanship.

Before I left to Australia on the 15th of December, he told me that he would return on Week 2 of Term 1 2015. He also told me that at the end of 2015, he will move to Australia and live there. It will be sad to see Jordan go.

2015 may be the last time I'll ever be with Jordan. This year matters so much to both of us. When you leave, I will remember you. My best friend, hope you'll have a good last year. See you soon.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

10 Questions

Ever moved into a classroom and wanted to know lots of things about them? This is for room 3. Room 3, please answer.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My New Blog Profile

Kia Ora. My name is Iisa. I am a 12 year old student who has been attending this school, Pt England. I am sad that it’s my last year at this school, but it does come with it’s benefits. One is that 8 students in year 8 become Prefects, the school leaders. I was one of the 8 students chosen.

I am in the lovely Mrs Tele’a’s class, so I’m pretty lucky. I look forward to spending the year in her class.

Screenshot 2015-01-26 at 16.41.36.pngI enjoy writing a lot, even though I was terrible at it. I am also a big fan of making animations and movies, even though I am pretty shy. I have many hobbies, but my main hobby at this moment is building. I do like to play Minecraft when I can, along with Lego. I have a small city in my room, which limits space in a big extent. Because of that, I spend lots of time with my family. We go on trips frequently, and those are so much fun.

As a Prefect, my main goal is to help the school and lead well like the predecessors at Pt England. I will also try to help make the new entrants feel welcome, as they need all the encouragement that they can get. 2015 is going to be my 8th and last year here, so I’m going to have to step up and do my best at everything!