Thursday, February 19, 2015

Top 3 Holiday Highlights

I found my holiday very enjoyable. My 3 top highlights of the holiday was...

Meeting my cousin Jessica. Earlier in the year I have published a post about her. Yeah, Jessica, you were one heck of a cousin. I would like to see her sooner than 2019. I want to show her Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 when it comes out!

Another highlight was Christmas. Again, there was another post talking about it on my blog, so to find out more you can go there. One particular highlight of the 25th of December was when we went to Valentines for lunch. Usually, I go fo little bits of food. But when we are at Valentines, I’ll go for the big ones.

My last highlight would have to be going to Australia. You could say that this one wasn’t really in the holidays, as we left on the 15th of December. But a week later, on the 22nd of December we came back. We had a lot of fun there, like going to dreamworld, Waterworld, and the Currumbin Wildlife Park. Yes, we did have a lot of fun there, but my most enjoyable point there was coming home to my friends and family.

And so there you have it! Those holidays were awesome! Maybe next holiday I can try to get that accomplished... again!

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