Sunday, March 22, 2015

Polyfest - making history!

History has been made at Pt England school. You’ve heard of Polyfest, right? On Thursday, the 19th of March 2015, the year 7’s and 8’s went there. Mrs Tele’a had enrolled in us in a competition that involved 5 schools. Everyone could not wait.

And so yesterday, we got onto the bus. We were going to Manukau, so it was quite a way to go. In the bus you could hear chatter, singing and laughter. That might’ve been the reason the cars were going so quickly.

After a while, we entered the parking lot. Just by looking around you could tell that Pt England wasn’t the only school there. After signing in, we went over to ASB’s ‘The Cube’, and waited for the other 4 classes to come.

ASB, being kind, had already set up a rotation for us. Each class would go around doing different activities until Morning Tea. Our classes first activity was going to the Glo-bug stall. We were quizzed about energy use, before getting given a 4 - minute timer. It is to be used in the shower, as a 4 minute shower saves lots of energy.

Next station was a tennis station held by ASB too. It was to see who could hit a tennis ball at the fastest speed. The record for that day was 111 km/ph for the girls, and 120 km/ph for the boys. The world record was a whopping 236 km/ph! After 2 tries, I reached an average of 105 km/ph.

Morning tea soon arrived. We sat down in front of the stage to eat before going onto our next activities. I liked all the stalls. AUT university told us that they are doing 3D printing and game creating. The radio station Flava got us to pose while they take photos.

Later, ASB gave us all a bag, cap and sunglasses. You could tell that everyone was happy. We sat down for lunch, before going around in our groups. So much fun.

At around 2:15, we got together before going back to school. Polyfest was one of my favourite school trips ever. I hope I can go there again.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Flash Mob Birthday

I walked into the street in the senior block to see that everyone was moving around almost like it was a movie set. It was only 9:15. Movie making this early? Our reading group was sneaking along in the street. Something was on. I walked over to Mrs Tele’a, obviously confused. Mrs Tele’a was dressed in a lovely green and white lavalava, with a sei in her hair. I asked what was going on. It was Mrs Tele’a’s Birthday!

Eric was filming. All of a sudden, Mrs Tele’a let out a big cheer. All the classes got up to look. A group of boys working in the back leapt up off the table and started dancing to the music! Everyone got up and watched. Nearly all of us were too shy to dance with Mrs Tele’a.

Miss Peato and Mr Wiseman weren’t so shy. They came in and danced full of energy like the other boys. Clapping and cheering, everyone was most certainly enjoying the dance of celebration. The boys were dancing like gentle warriors.

At one point, Mrs Tele’a started gathering up her lavalava to show her wonderful tatau. At other points Mrs Tele’a was crouching, and finally, Miss Peato laid herself down on the floor, and with one foot on Miss Peato, Mrs Tele’a kept dancing before jumping over her.

Even though it was a Samoan dance, it wasn’t limited to Samoans. Mr Wiseman got in the action too, trying to copy the other boys, before preceding to move across out of the camera.

The flash mob was most enjoyable. It was graceful, and probably one of the best ways to celebrate someone’s birthday. Happy 40th birthday Mrs Tele’a!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Conference with Kea'au primary school

Technology has always been something that we should all be grateful for. Today, we used technology to communicate with 2 schools in Hawaii that didn't have much technology. Kea'au primary school is a school located in Hawaii. Their primary school goes from Kindergarten to Grade 5. And Nanakuli primary

The waka Hokule'a is already here. Our cluster of schools will be meeting them in a couple of weeks time. Because of that, their organiser Mary Beth had organised a video chat with us. So at 8:30 a.m, the year 7&8 Extension group got together to chat.

We learnt a lot from the 2 schools. In Hawaii they are home to many native animals. They also have lots of active volcanoes all around. There are some places that mean a lot to them, like the tsunami museum in Hilo. It was dedicated to the history of the April 1, 1946 Pacific tsunami and the May 23, 1960 Chilean tsunami which devastated much of the east coast of the Big Island.

In Nanakuli and Kea'au primary, they are only up to the stage where they are adding more technology based items, such as multimedia's. Who would've know that just one video conference could have taught us so much! I was glad to hear that both schools are made up from many cultures, like our school! We showed them some presentations and movies, and they showed us a presentation.

Screenshot 2014-06-08 21.42.31.pngNanakuli and Kea'au primary are very cool schools. In just 45 minutes we learnt so much about what they do. Like us, they have school trips, but one that I was really interested in was the trip to a volcano. When the video chat ended, I was feeling like I was ready to go see them and talk to them face to face!

In 13 days time, the Hokule'a waka will be arriving at our shores. We have been preparing for this event, by practicing waiatas, mihi's and our chants. Not only is our school preparing for this event, but so is the entire cluster of Manaikalani!

Another thing that we told them before the chat ended, was that we have our own blogs. They now know that they can visit our blogs any time. Here is a link to their amazing site! Goodbye Nanakuli and Kea'au primary, see you soon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wrong Road #3: The End of Everything

We were behind the car when evil Jordan turned around, smiling with giant, white, pupiless, eyes.

Wrong Road
Written And Illustrated by Iisa

#3: The End of Everything

We slowed down. We were so scared. Evil Jordan had a demonic smile, with his big white eyes. “AURGH!” Shouted Vaifoa. He instantly punched evil Jordan in the face.

“Oooh... knockout.” remarked Jordan. After putting evil Jordan in the boot, we jumped in. There was a piece of paper stuck on the radio. It was a scratch-off list. Jordan grabbed it. We read the list aloud.

Our Gang Planz:

#1. go back to 2002

#2. cause chaos.

#3. Make everyones nightmares come true

#4. promise to save everyone if they let us rule the world

#5 cause more chaos.

#6 find a way to get to our opposites

7. eliminate them

“Well,” remarked Jordan. “We found them first. Let’s end them!” CRACK!! A giant crack opened up underneath us. The car started to sink into the lava. I quickly activated the roof. We all rolled our windows up.

Lee was skeptical about all of this. “How do we know it’s lava proof!?” he yelled. “Did you make our time car lava-proof?” I asked. Lee said no. “Well this car is opposite, ain’t it?”

It worked. The only downfall was the heat. Unfortunately, Lee had built an air conditioner in the other car, so we were suffering big time. Vaifoa hit the gas pedal, and we sped off.

We reached the others up ahead. We ran over them, and spun around. I was shocked. They looked more handsome then the rest of us. I looked at the drawing. My opposite drew this. I’m good at drawing.

They were talking like they were 0 years old. Then evil Jordan climbed out the boot. He was like the evil mastermind. Jordan ran at me. Everything went black. I woke up. I had been dreaming it? I looked at my notebook. The entire experience was there. The picture was there too.

It said “Don’t come back.” I looked into my draw. I ripped up the blueprint. I’m not doing that anymore...

Miss Peato's Birthday

The day started as usual. It was the 24 of February, and we were singing the himene in the senior block, Pt England. It was a dull, plain old morning. The himene was sung finished, and Miss Peato was starting the daily reminders. I looked around. Mr Wiseman and Miss Peato were the only teachers in the street.

Mr Wiseman, for some reason, did not stop strumming! We looked at him in question. Miss Peato did too. Why would Mr Wiseman interrupt the daily notices? Still strumming, Mr Wiseman walked around Miss Peato. We were all very surprised now. And if that wasn’t enough, Mr Wiseman kicked the door!

Then, the teachers, singing Happy Birthday, came out with a cake! It all made sense now. It was Miss Peato’s birthday, and the teachers had a surprise party planned! Miss Clarke was trying to get the rest of us to sing, while filming and holding the cake!

We all laughed and sung happy birthday. That birthday party was on of the best parties I’d ever seen!

Test Writing

Waitangi Day. It was the 6th of February 2014, and my family was going to take advantage of this special day. Yesterday we had packed everything ready to go, and today we were going to have a great day. We packed the car, and drove off.

I had packed plenty of books to read. After driving for a little while, I looked for my bag full of books. It turns out that I had accidentally placed my books in the back of the car, and left one book in the front. I facepalmed, before lookin over to the book. I decided to read it later.

It was a long trip. Along the way we all admired the scenery. But in the distance you could see massive storm clouds. My parents were still keen to go to on our trip to the beach. I was in doubt. With those clouds, there may even be a flood.

We soon arrived at Onehunga beach. We drove into the empty parking lot and got out. The wind was blowing fiercely. Soon we reached the beach. The tide was in, and I could only see a handful of people braving the tidal-wave like waters.

My Mum, still wanting to have a good Waitangi Day, decided that we go walking. We walked around for a while, before our stomachs started growling. Mum said that we will walk for a bit more before we stop for lunch. My sister, dad and I all groaned.

Eventually we reached New World after passing what felt like 100 restaurants. Mum decided that we walk in, buy our own supplies and make ourselves lunch. Dad waited at the exit while the Mum, Mariam and I go to get some meat and bread.

Mum finished paying and we walked over to Dad, who was by the exit. In New World, there were some small advertisements on the window by the exit, and one seemed to catch Dad’s attention. “What is it Dad?” I asked.

It turned out to be an advertisement about chickens. It said: ‘3 live chickens for free!’, along with the address and phone number. Dad was keen on getting them, and as we went to the car, Dad said that we were going to get the chickens.

I laughed. Dad was joking around. We got into the car and Mum made us some smoked chicken sandwiches. I ate the sandwich, and then read a book. I finished the book just to find out that we were in the countryside. I was in question.

Up ahead was a rusty and creaky bridge that had high water underneath. “I knew this storm was bad!” I thought before asking Mum what we were doing here. “We’re going to get some chickens!” Mum replied. “WHAT!?” I thought. “Chickens?” I thought Dad was joking. He was serious!

We crossed the creaky bridge, and drove up the driveway of the house. Dad and I got out to get the chickens. Suddenly, a teacup chihuahua came running at us! It was so cute! It followed us into the backyard, where we saw the owners.

Dad had already called them, and told them that we were going to pick them up. Dad asked the couple if he could have six. They kindly agreed. They gave us 6 of the chicks happily, and after saying thanks, we left.

The bridge was the only way to get across. The water was slowly creeping up the bridge. “Drive Dad drive!” We shouted. The bridge was long, and the rising water wasn’t slow. After a stressful 3 minutes, we made it across, and Dad quickly drove the car home.

We arrived at home to find out that the storm hadn’t hit at our house yet. So we took the chickens inside, and then put them in a medium size box. Night soon arrived. We were wondering where we should put the chickens, as several times our 2 cats tried to get the babies. We placed a blanket and mesh wire on top of the box, and happy that they were safe, we went to sleep.

Our chickens are now adult chickens living in the backyard. They scare the cats off quite easily and will sometimes peck your fingers. Another chicken has been added to the group, making it 7 chickens in total. It has always been nice to have them around, except for 5 a.m every morning when their constant sounds are heard. We had a mini party for them on Waitangi day 20 days ago. I love my chickens. Yes, it does cost more to take care of them, but they are members of the family. I love those silly chickens, and always will.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


I felt like I was on Cloud Nine yesterday. Mau Rakau had started again this year.

Last year, I had attended, later then everyone else, but managed to catch up. As the weeks progressed, we went from around 25 people to 3 people. I was the only year 7 attending.

This year, I came on time. We started with a prayer, and then grabbed our rakau. In Mau Rakau, we use broomsticks without the broom on the end. But before we started, Mrs Tito took out a decorated rakau from behind the stage. I thought that that rakau was Mrs Tito's, but a quick glance at another one made me change my mind.

Mr G was talking about how the rakau was for a special person. I thought it was one of the year 9's, as they were good at Mau rakau. But, Mr G said that it was for me! I was shocked. Mr G said that it was for my commitment.

Tira is a very special taonga to me. I would like to thank Mr G and Mrs Tito, as if it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't be doing Mau rakau anyway. Thank you!