Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Miss Peato's Birthday

The day started as usual. It was the 24 of February, and we were singing the himene in the senior block, Pt England. It was a dull, plain old morning. The himene was sung finished, and Miss Peato was starting the daily reminders. I looked around. Mr Wiseman and Miss Peato were the only teachers in the street.

Mr Wiseman, for some reason, did not stop strumming! We looked at him in question. Miss Peato did too. Why would Mr Wiseman interrupt the daily notices? Still strumming, Mr Wiseman walked around Miss Peato. We were all very surprised now. And if that wasn’t enough, Mr Wiseman kicked the door!

Then, the teachers, singing Happy Birthday, came out with a cake! It all made sense now. It was Miss Peato’s birthday, and the teachers had a surprise party planned! Miss Clarke was trying to get the rest of us to sing, while filming and holding the cake!

We all laughed and sung happy birthday. That birthday party was on of the best parties I’d ever seen!

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  1. Hi Iisa,
    Did you use Google drawing for the background, I really like your posts. Did Miss Peato get lots of presents?
    From Todd Room 17 Whangarei Intermediate School.