Thursday, May 7, 2015

Writing Vs. Writing #2: Swimming

This is probably going to become a weekly thing, Writing Vs. Writing. Every week there will be a new addition to the series, and it won't just be from 2011. 2012, 2013, and 2014 will all be targeted. As I said in my 400th blogpost, I focussed too much on comedy, as you shall find out. Let's see how much I've changed!

When you choose to swim the very best
It was a great day for swimming to happen when... DRING! DRING! DRING! The bell rang so 32 eager children lined up for swimming waiting for Miss King. As we walked to the pools, we heard squelch, squelch went the mud as we walked through it. I like swimming, but I hate mud running!

So as we entered the pool, it was mostly full with girls! There were about 92% girls and 3% boys! First we had freestyle. Every time when we stop at a wall, I notice that I go on an angle. Creepy, isn’t it?

I was DESPERATELY wanting to do breaststroke, but it never happened. Soon we came up to free time. Robert, Uili and I (the only boys in the pool,) played tag. We soon had to get out. We then got changed, and left.

The end.


What a great day for swimming! Togs were packed, ready to go, and when the bell rang, 32 eager children from the lovely Mrs King's class lined up. The rainy clouds had dissipated, but the mud and water remained. On the way to the pool, instead of walking on the path, we walked through the mud. "Oh great." I thought. "Now I must wash that off! Such a nuisance!"

I must have been zoned out for about 3 hours, because once we got in the pool, I noticed that there were barely any boys! First off, to get warmed up, we were instructed to do freestyle. I could not swim straight, so at every end I'd be at an angle.

Now everyone doesn't know that breaststroke is my favourite stroke, so I was anxiously waiting, thinking, "When are we doing breaststroke?" Unfortunately, that time never came. But, we did get to free time, and the only boys in the pool, Robert, Uili & I, all played tag. Eventually the time ticked to 12, and we had to get out, get changed, and leave.

Next time, I look forward to doing backstroke.

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