Thursday, May 21, 2015

Writing Vs Writing: The Egg Drop

Today was a normal day in Mrs King's class. After watching a video, we had to find a partner, and grab materials. Quick. Rushing, Levi and I paired up together, and started coming up with ideas. We decided to make a cone shaped parachute - it worked in the movie.

20 minutes went past, and it was time to test our designs. Everyone was so very kind and volunteered us to try out our one first. Mrs King gave us the egg, and we climbed up the wall. Before we dropped our egg-in-parachute, we had a little conversation.
"It's going to crack."
"You only think this now, huh?"
And then we dropped the egg. Crack. Uncooked concrete eggs for one person.

Let's see how this story was in 2011....

Finding our partner, we gathered our stuff for the egg we got given. “Twenty minuets!” called Miss King. “WHAT!!??”we called back. This was serious, we got to work. Preparing our supplies, chattering  and working hard till the last second. Time was up.

As the my partner & I walked up to the wall I predicted the egg would definitely not survive.SPLAT!!!!  I was right. Scrambled eggs for everyone.
Two teams survived. Oh well, at least we get another try.  

We never got the second chance in the end. But the story did. I hope you enjoyed this week's Writing Vs. Writing!

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